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You Need Failure

Yes, you need to fail in your life. Failure is the feeling of knowing you tried something and it didn’t work out quite the way you wanted it to, but at least now you know the way to approach it next time.

10 Failures come upon the back of one success.

It will happen, it is inevitable, you you need to stop looking at it the way you do.

No one likes to fail, no one likes to feel like all of the hard work and effort they’ve just put in has amounted to a loss.

No one likes to Lose, no one likes to Fail, no one likes feeling like a Loser or a Failure.

However, in life there is no way you will get ahead without failure – there is just the task of minimizing failure, while maximizing the lessons learned and the weaknesses fortified whilst analyzing your losses and failures that is the key.

Failure does not come without innovation, and invention – if you do not try anything new, if you stay stuck in your Prisoner Identity Bubble and living a stagnant lifestyle, you will never try anything new to fail, you will never make positive improvement in life.

A lot of you are too scared to try new things as the feeling of failure has you in a chokehold.

You dream about starting that small business you’ve been dreaming of forever, but the fear of failing and finding yourself right back where you started has you chained to your mundane, 9-5 workweek.

You go out and see tens, maybe hundreds of girls that you want to talk to – but you lack the abundance mentality needed to be able to reject the feeling of failure you’ll get after likely being rejected a few times before you succeed.

You want to work out and build muscle, lose your fat and improve your appearance – but you’re too worried about not sticking to your routine and failing to achieve the body that you ultimately envision.

Do any of these sound familiar?

These are basic, but common fear factors that contribute to you being scared to do a lot of things on a daily basis – from trying new things, meeting new people, it can essentially render you an introvert.

You can’t go around in life living with fears of doing anything new, of trying new things and meeting new people – you will end up repeating the same boring cycles of life, forever.

You cannot be routine every day and expect to be happy – it will not work, you will likely find yourself in a cycle of ruin and have no way how to escape it.

Work on overcoming your small, mental fears today – and worry about increasing the scale of destroying your fears later.

The smallest things in life that you were once afraid to incorporate into your life – Do It.

Go talk to that cute girl at the Starbucks counter, go sit at your laptop with a cup of tea and an open mind and write that book you always dreamed of, go get a gym membership at that new gym down the street and set an alarm to wake up at 5AM tomorrow to get it done.

Approaching and attacking your fears is the only way you will overcome them – will you swim through the waters in order to come out with the knowledge and experience of traversing those waters, or will you sit in a corner and drown in your fears because you were too afraid to take the plunge?

Let me reiterate – You NEED Failure in your life, failure does not come without trying new things and experiences. It means that you are making a change and doing something dynamic in your life, something that can turn out to be great or terrible – but you’ll never know unless you try. 

I can think of the countless times I’ve failed in my life.

I’ve failed at trying to get women a few times in my day – I wasn’t always the debonair playboy some people would like to portray me as.

I’ve had my hand at failing in relationships, though my very high conversion and engagement rates allow me to have enough experience to constitute the lessons taught through this blog – and this is just the beginning.

Like everyone else in the world, I’ve failed a few school tests… but then again I was always the type to get done the work fast and end up being bored, so I never had much of a tolerance for school. School teaches you facts and memorization, not life skills or anything applicational to life.

I’ve even tried my hand an entrepreneurship more than a few times, but seeing as every time I was still stuck at the same level as I was the time before I didn’t have any real successes – but by doing the research and reading, taking the proper steps and initiatives, and most of all LEARNING from my failures, I now possess the tools and knowledge to be able to launch a successful foray into my entrepreneurial visions, which you will all be able to watch take place in real time.

Although, I have had a couple great successes in my life, and one thing I didn’t fail on was the writing of my first book. 

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