Why you shouldn't give to the poor (or me).

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If you give the money to the poor, those poor will buy things at walmart and send that money to china. If you give money to the rich, the rich will create jobs for the poor. This is why the democrats are sending this country down the shitter. Now don't get me wrong, the republicans aren't perfect either, but they are the lesser of the two evils.

The thing is, short term economic stimulation; IE: giving money to the poor simply does not work. Why is this? Well, the reason they are poor is because they are bad with money, and giving money to them will do nothing to fix the economy in the long run. The rich are the ones who know how to take money and turn it into more money, and that is the reason they are rich. The rich are the ones who build factories, research facilities and similar things to provide work for the poor. What do the poor do? They go out and buy a $100 pair of jeans made by Taiwanese sweatshop workers, with no new American jobs created in the process.


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    Poor people do buy a lot of foreign made goods, but the retailer still makes money, and the people who work at the shop that sold it still have jobs. Poor people are bad with their money, they spend it at liquor stores, McDonalds, and on diapers, baby food and crack. All of these provide jobs for other poor people. The money flows.

    Giving corporations tax breaks is also a good idea, not every shareholder in a corporation is some rich fucker, pension plans, mutual funds, and private investors use dividends to hedge against inflation, and make a little money. Allowing tax breaks for corporations stimulates investment, and even if that money comes from other countries, the resulting development is still of net benefit to the region offering tax incentives for growing companies. Lower tax burdens for corporations mean they are more likely to stay domestic, instead of outsourcing production to other countries.

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