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Was verbatim my post. Now I'm freaked out. Peace.
Post: Ruger Mini-14/30's
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Both rifles will fire NATO rounds (5.56 & 7.62). IMO, .223 is too small to be an effective battle rifle.

Two major faults here.

A. the Mini 30 is 7.62x39 Which is NOT a nato round. The 51mm varient is. The 30-06 is also, a 7.62(read .30 cal) round, doesn't mean that it's nato.

B. My first hand experience as a SDM, confirms that you can hit and kill a person out to 600-800 yards with a .556. Unless you have served as a combatant, don't push your bullshit on people. Unless the person is wearing armor, it will kill. Punching paper is not equivalent to a combat situation. Side note: I used what would be classed as 'match' ammo, in comparison to the rest of my squad.


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