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TheDarkRodent has reported a post.

As per the new procedure I am reporting this post for the purpose of discussing this members flooding of the semi-serious discussion forum SG with the same repetitive flaming post.

As of 01:08 PM SG was changed to not permit this style of B&M flaming and to prohibit this type of HB flood slobering.

@ 01:11 PM;

And again @ 01:33 PM;

And 1 minute later @ 01:34 PM;

This user blatant violated the new rules of SG and spewed the same slobbering that he has been "bitching" about for the last week.

It is apparent, based on his 3 year posting history in 3 different forums that he brings nothing in terms of contributing quality content of an informative or entertaining nature.

It is also apparent, based on that same history, that he only thinks the rules should apply to those he has personal issues with but it is fine for anyone who supports his point of view to spew trash and derail threads in the name of his "cause of the week".

Since he has been screaming for this type of posting to be controlled perhaps he should have a little taste of what he has wished for.

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Posted by: DaGuru
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There's nothing wrong with a forum like HB as long as the nonsense is contained there and doesn't spill out into the rest of the site.

Shut up PUNK!!!!! There's no need for commentary of any kind. Just click the box you find most comforting in the poll, and have a pleasant day. :)


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