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In the sequenced death of every thing
I don't got any meaning

Rhymes are useless for the liars scribe
demise of promised lives

for cries the war should bring, all things
decide, remind them only

time should climb, our dreams should rise
relation's blind, I don't

need any cause or size

Inside the tomb Allah made for his Self
I see a lasting hell,

Our destined fortune made more shelved
enter the past of cells

and chains, the crime has names which aren't
sane, descriptive, long or lame

remain inside the scripted sequence shame
I name, I name, I name, I name

Born resting concious thought
I seen the rot, the rot

I know it's soft to go
But I don't need control

Leave the lies I ask I self
the hell, this hell, the hell

it tell the force, the reason tell
the reasons for it

Impatient spectre, cast the shame
I game, the gain, unholy aim

same perpetrate the cautionary

More latent mentor, cast the death
the cess, this test, emasciated

rinsing framework lead
the best astray
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