Ubuntu 11.10

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Blah..Blah..Ubuntu 11.10 is out. You should probably have a look.

I'm definitely going to do my usual review when i get it working.

The half-baked mulatto excuse of a Distro keeps freezing up on me. It's all this damned Compiz crap. I have pretty FOSS friendly hardware as well....

Long story short: If you want a drop-in OS to do all the normal stuff, stick with win7. Ubuntu has nothing to offer you. Generally Linux doesn't either. Windows is now acceptable stable and secure. Better yet, buy a Mac.

If you want to use Linux (for the hell of it, for the software, for the rock-solid stability) use a better Distro. Mint, Fedora (maybe), openSUSE...I personally like Arch, but it's a little intimidating at first.

I say this as dedicated Linux guy.


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    I haven't checked it out yet as I don't have an Ubuntu install anymore since I'm on my laptop :( I look forward to your review though, they usually have some good screenshots to look at! It's a shame they've really bogged Ubuntu down in these last 2 installments, although I didn't mind 11.04 or whatever it was. I wasn't really a fan of the Unity desktop so I used the "ubuntu classic" mode before logging in - is this option still there?
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    trx100 wrote: »
    It's a shame they've really bogged Ubuntu down in these last 2 installments,
    Hence the reason I use bodhilinux. Based on 10.04 but completely stripped back to fuck all. :thumbsup:
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