Help me buy SLIVER

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So ive registered with the Perth Mint and i can start trading as of today ... but before i go in willy nilly and spend some serious coin on this shit is there any tips AT ALL anyone on &T can give me on what i should do, how i should act with the market ... and also any australians who know how to store silver without it costing to much?? ... really any tips at all



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    If you're buying physical silver you arent going to be able to take advantage of market movements and trade as such - but you can buy what they call paper bullion in the form of an exchange traded fund.
    For many people getting into physical metals a paper option isnt attractive.

    The perth mint is a great place to purchase from just make sure you're buying investment bullion and not fancy coins.

    If you're going to drop SERIOUS coin then i'd elect for the mint to store it. You can get a safety deposit box at a bank or store it in your home.
    I wouldnt reccomend storing it around the house.
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