Really odd cloud

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Has anyone got any photos of strange clouds or other sky-ly matters that have passed over? I saw this earlier and it looked like a fault line in the sky. Pretty interesting.

There was a cloud that passed over my house a few years ago that was like a giant smoke ring. Pretty awesome.


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    i have HUNDREDS of photos of chemtrails and the clouds they produce... i wont bore you with them as nobody seems to cares that they are filled with dangerous heavy metals!
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    Are they really? I am curious about them and if there is any definitive proof they are as "bad" as people such as yourself say. I'm open minded. I know planes can and do dump fuel, but as for other things, I'm not too sure (or educated on the subject). Feel free to put a few here and give me a bit of a lecture, or start your own thread in the Conspiracy forum.
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    That looks like the nexus in the one Star Trek movie.
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    A common cause can be whats known as fohen waves.

    But theres also changes in the dynamics if there is a parcel of air (say a busy highway) where both the temp and gaseous composition of the parcel causes it to rise and the eventual reaction when it hits the cloud level (LCL or lifting condensation level in climotology) can look something like that.

    Clouds are pretty fun to check out.
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