A DIY Year in Review

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Thought it might be fun to put everything into a group picture for the year 2011. I might have left a few things out but this is the bulk of it. A few projects are restoration but the majority are made completely by myself. Others are simply representative of items I've made all throughout the year, such as the wine.


European longsword - Self-made
Steel-tipped lance - Self-made
Massive sword (the Buster Sword-esque looking one) - Self-made, undergoing revisions - It stands 74" tall and weighs 20 pounds with furniture on if you're curious
Stun glove - Self-made, also undergoing revisions. Planning to made a superior capacitor bank holder and add the shown capacitors
Arrow shafts - Refinished wooden target arrows with, will fletch with magpie feathers and tip with obsidian
Apple chips - Self-made, I've got shit tons of them in a crate
Fruit leather (in the wax paper) - Self-made, I've also got tons of this stuff now
Lilac Nunchaku - Self-made
Fire Piston - Self-made, undergoing revisions
Flint and Steel - Self-made/Found the flint
Elk handle knife - Self-made, soon to be finished
Kukri w/companion knife - Self-made, just needs tempered
Steel rabbit trap - Restored
Ale and wine - Self-made, more in the cellar. ;)
Ceramic mortars - Representative, I've spent a good deal of this year learning folk and herbal medicine
Mini glass bottles - Found/Representative, same reasons as above items
Stone mortar and pestle - Self-made/Found, also used for medicinal purposes
Wooden pepper mill w/salt shaker - Self-made, core components salvaged from cheaper plastic devices
Quail feathers - Found, will be used for fletching in the future
Briar pipes - Restored, added elk horn tip to one of them
Apple tobacco pipe - Self-made
Standing apple pipe w/stash bottle - Self-made
Wooden fipple flute - Self-made, undergoing fine tuning
Wooden whistle - Self-made
Tomahawk - Restored, added a self-made carved lilac handle
Copper dreamcatcher - Self-made
Red wine vinegar - Self-made
Caribbean machete - Restored
Yellow dock flour - Self-made/Representative of all the wild flours I've been making
Drinking horn - WIP
Wicker basket full of rocks - Found, has all of my jasper, flint, chert, and obsidian for various projects

Post'em if you got'em.
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