HELP! Looking for carding forums SQL dumps

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I am a PhD researcher from the University of Southampton in the UK and in my research, I stumbled upon an archived post on this forumed by an user called WhiteMagicMan (see below) offering the SQL dumps of several busted carding forums.

I'm wondering if anyone have the archives? It would be MUCH MUCH MUCH appreciated if I could get my hands on them!!!

Thanks in advance.



P.S. Wish you guys a HAPPY NEW YEAR

An extract from the old thread by WhiteMagicMan:
09-14-2010, 11:01 PM
Forum databases - CARDING FORUMS

Mods: if this isn't the correct forum to post this in please move it as you see fit.

I have a few forum databases for several carding sites, now closed/busted/shut down. THESE ARE SQL DUMPS FROM EITHER VB OR PHPBB (and not webwhacker or teleport-pro)

These include, (Sept 2003, before CJ took it over; Feb 2004, after CJ when it was a sting), (several SQL dumps, various dates) (original, from "dprofit")
CCPOWERFORUMS - SQL dump but missing some tables

"El Mariachi" related boards (he was an FBI-snitch fag but he also ran several carding (and anti-carding) boards full of drama-queen tirades about "the scene")
- Metalshop
- TheUIN
- Cardercrew (Muzzfuzz) (actually ran by Decepgal)
- DarkOperations (this is the source for some of these SQL dumps, as this site ran these as archived forums).

See full cache here:


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