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So I was thinking after watching the film "Catching out" about the old Hobo lifestyle of sitting in a boxcar, listening to just the lonely whistle and watching the world go by as you travel to another City many miles away.
Obviously it's nowhere near as romanticised as that anymore, especially post-9/11 so I have been told (Homeland Security and Trespassing etc) so things are going to be different.
Being from the UK, there aren't as many cargo trains here that I could hop on (I could probably travel from a Southern City like southampton to the North, like Manchester) but I was wondering if anyone had any tips, Wikis or Zines on the subject. I don't intend on doing it as well, healwise it would be retarded, it's dangerous as fuck and I don't want a Criminal Record with the dirt under my belt.

I'll have a look around the 'net and post any results here. If anyone knows of any friends or the like who can tell me some tales that would be much appreciated. I think this is my latest interest and I'd love to get reading around it for some inspiration in story-writing and lifestyle.

PS. We need more threads and conversation! This place is so quiet!


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