What would be on your "essential software" CD/DVD?

RemadERemadE Global Moderator
edited January 2013 in Tech & Games
I am currently compiling a custom (not pre-made torrent packs) "essential software CD" just in case I either am using another computer (like now) for an extended period or most likely, I have to format mine.

Now I know about portable applications but some run a bit dodgy, plus my pen drives are usually maxed out with video, music and other (not porn) files.

Also I decided to do some research on the plentiful (yes I'm stoned, I'm using big words!)...on the plentiful amounts of "essential software" packs via BitTorrent.

This is what I have so far. Trying to cover every popular application I use and can fit onto a700MB CD-R. I have an external HDD with a folder for cracked and freeware programs, but this is something of a minimal backup.

So, what would you have on an essential software CD? Do you have one? I need some ideas for what more, so chip in!


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