"Yes means 'Yes' " is bullshit

Okay, so I'm going to try to take a nuanced and respectful stance on a complex and delicate subject which has been in the news recently: "Yes means 'yes' "

Here is the most neutral description I can find of the new legislation:

And yup, it is bullshit. Do you know how many begrudging bitches I've fucked who by the grace of God didn't say no, but didn't say yes either, and I also didn't "rape"? 7, at least 7 begrudging bitches (nope, I don't have an impressive sex life, but it could have been more because I don't always look them in the face). I kind of got a tacit, "ugh, well if you must," reaction. Fuck it, that's good enough for me.

Would I have stopped if they said "no,"? Hell yeah, shit I've got a traumatic story about that actually. I felt like I was violated after that ordeal, but that is beside the point, and I don't know if this is a safe place or whether someone might post a trigger, so I don't want to relive it. :'-(

"Yes mean yes,"...what a load of cum. Unless a female is mute or that kind of deaf where they can't properly say words then it's bull (discounting the mentally deficient and women who have been drugged). Other than that, with respect to ANY GROWN WOMAN, fair game. Why should I have to treat a pussy like it is windows Vista and ask for permission to be granted with every button press?


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    Under penalty of perjury I swear the testimony I am about to give if true so help me god.

    Defense attorney: 'Defendant, in your own words please tell the court what was said prior to Miss Priss taking intermediately before you shoved your cock up her ass."

    Defendant: "I asked her if she had ever had anal. She said yes".

    Defense attorney:: "Miss Priss, when the defendant asked you if you had ever had anal sex how did you respond?'

    Miss Priss: "I answered yes."

    Defense attorney: :Yes means yes I move for dismissal under the terms of the California Revise Code Capter 748; Section 1, Part 4, Paragraphs A,B and C. As the plaintiff clearly said yes."
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    'Make her sign a affidavit before you fuck her. Better yet put it on the condom. "By accepting the Penis within, you agree that..."

    It's almost satire on an overreaching government.

    What worries me the most is the feminist brainwashing that might happen, a women could completely want sex, have a lot a fun and possibly even initiate it. She will then buy the latest "Women's weekly" and read an article that suggests anything other than the word "YES" is rape. Months later, the relationship sours and she might convince herself that she was in a sexually abusive relationship. It's just disaster waiting to happen.

    TBO, all this gender-poisoning makes me wonder if i should just go to Thailand and find a simple peasant girl.
  • You know what, if you want to be safe, setup a Spy cam and record yourself and your interactions.



    It's not easy being a man in this age it seems, you can't fuck without getting fucked back by the system. It's highly advised that you be on your guard and always cover your ass, otherwise you will get accused of rape. It's not the first time this has happened, it's fairly common.

    Rule of thumb, avoid crazy bitches.

    Cons; everyone is fucking crazy.
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