Apple, Facebook and Google sell our souls to the Devil

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Why were Apple, Facebook, Google Missing From Tech Lineup Against TPP

They were at a confidential Spy Summit chilling with their international spy homies in the UK. This folks is the reality of the internet. It’s reached the stage where we can adapt to the terms served to us on a political platter with a side of fresh fuck you salad or find alternative means that would leave a better taste in your mouth. I'd rather sway towards alternatives, better is better than bitter.

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Ok to the point! What is TPP? Truth Digg can explain it because I can't be bothered.

The TPP would create an environment hostile to journalists and whistleblowers, said policy directors for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Fight for the Future, co-authors of the letter. “TPP’s trade secrets provisions could make it a crime for people to reveal corporate wrongdoing ‘through a computer system’,” says the letter. “The language is dangerously vague, and enables signatory countries to enact rules that would ban reporting on timely, critical issues affecting the public.”
The way I read it is if there's a corporation dumping toxins on a beach near me and I videoed that shit I couldn't really make it public on youtube, facebook or even liveleak legally. Corporation = 1, Environmentalist = None


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    The TPP is without a job, the most evil fucked up policy I have ever heard of. 

    It's nothing more that a way to make Australia a colony of the US. It's all brokered in complete secrecy and has no real opposition by anyone other than the shrill Green parties ( who everyone rightly ignores). 

    The thing is so wide in scope that we might as well just adopt US law 
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    Australia and NZ are already pawns of US. We financially support the Indonesian genocide of Western Papua Nu Guinea all for the benefit of gold from that big assed MF mine over there. Who holds the largest monopoly gold and deposits in the world? The US!

    We spy for them and even if it's against our own legislative policies we do what they ask. Look at the Dotcom case for example. Then there's Euro countries such as Germany. Angela Merkel the German chancellor is in a fucked up predicament over computers, that German intelligence tracked on behalf of the US National Security Agency (NSA). She can't divulge any information concerning the "victims" IP addresses she accessed until she gets "US approval". Orly? US approval? Germany basically rolled over on their backs so the US could sniff and lick their balls.

    It seems instead of political ethics evolving it's kinda becoming draconian.
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