Oh the irony Hacking Team

bornkillerbornkiller AdministratorIn your girlfriends snatch
I think their business is pretty much fucked right about now. That'll teach em for giving law enforcement tools of mass harassment.

Hacking Team Asks Customers to Stop Using Its Software After Hack

After suffering a massive hack, the controversial surveillance tech company Hacking Team is scrambling to limit the damage as well as trying to figure out exactly how the attackers hacked their systems.

But the hack hasn’t just ruined the day for Hacking Team’s employees. The company, which sells surveillance software to government customers all over the world, from Morocco and Ethiopia to the US Drug Enforcement Agency and the FBI, has told all its customers to shut down all operations and suspend all use of the company’s spyware, Motherboard has learned.

“They’re in full on emergency mode,” a source who has inside knowledge of Hacking Team’s operations told Motherboard.



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