we need a race war

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look im not (((racist))) but these so called "jews" are outta control. i say we team up with the blacks(theyll be easy to convince, buncha morons over there) and take em out. we start by taking out there achilles heel, thats what we call a metophor in the big leagues try to keep up, but srsly we take out goerge soros or carrot top and let the dominos roll, meanwhile the blacks all end up killing eachother off. then we ban taco bell make all the mexibros head back across the wall and then we just coast for the rest of our stressfree lives. also we gotta redistribute the wealth or w/e cause rdr2 came out and my mom wont buy it for some reason pls i need money fast


  • i figure I ought to add the acid I saw on a synth web site: d-tartaric acid. This is the cheaper type of tartaric than l or even racemic. Racemic is a sure sign something is manmade. Natural tartaric acid is the acid from fruits.
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