Investigations! Farewell

Hello for the last time, im sad to say, to my friends, may your adventure we call life be free from the challenges, nay, curses, i seem so up against. Directv's cable box has a "brick" that plugs into the back of the cable box itself. I became aware of a voice, female, emanating from somewhere, nowhere, and I figured was some imagination form of my mom, so I was almost a com p level dick to my mom for a couple days. Sanity is within reach, but I'm having trouble grasping it. One could, based only on what I've written, come to the conclusion that I was a drug manufacturing when all it really boils down to is yes, I know how to do it, no, do not condone the use thereof, and for the most part sought to be of use as a harm reducer.. seems I've over stepped some boundaries w the government bc i have to listen to them call me freak and Gaggia and bitch every night as I get caught by them while masturbating. The fucker WATCH ME MASTURBATE!!! And I go really fucking hard in that area, full drag, dildo of hpme.ade quality (yeah, sad) and I have farmer John bitching about it... or enjoying it. Voyeuristic got workwrs. Smh... they see everything on here. They come to ur house in the middle of the night.. the voices in ur vents are not ur crazy thoughts. They are then..
Peace love God bless all of you. I hope I can stop in to say hello soon.
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