Investigations! Farewell

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Hello for the last time, im sad to say, to my friends, may your adventure we call life be free from the challenges, nay, curses, i seem so up against. Directv's cable box has a "brick" that plugs into the back of the cable box itself. I became aware of a voice, female, emanating from somewhere, nowhere, and I figured was some imagination form of my mom, so I was almost a com p level dick to my mom for a couple days. Sanity is within reach, but I'm having trouble grasping it. One could, based only on what I've written, come to the conclusion that I was a drug manufacturing when all it really boils down to is yes, I know how to do it, no, do not condone the use thereof, and for the most part sought to be of use as a harm reducer.. seems I've over stepped some boundaries w the government bc i have to listen to them call me freak and Gaggia and bitch every night as I get caught by them while masturbating. The fucker WATCH ME MASTURBATE!!! And I go really fucking hard in that area, full drag, dildo of hpme.ade quality (yeah, sad) and I have farmer John bitching about it... or enjoying it. Voyeuristic got workwrs. Smh... they see everything on here. They come to ur house in the middle of the night.. the voices in ur vents are not ur crazy thoughts. They are then..
Peace love God bless all of you. I hope I can stop in to say hello soon.


  • I apparently cannot start a new discussion and since this is as close to the subject (without goodbye, as I should've said "for now" but ultimately could not) I originally started and since I'm in this for harm reduction and educational purposes only I feel I need to expound much further on what I've learned over the past few months. Firstly, this site is NOT totse but a good approximation and thus there are certain firewalls no longer existent and I'm now quite certain there are government plants that periodically appear here. They attempt to bait ACTUAL cookers and they do so by asking questions with desperation, often easy to answer questions that were already answered in the many many recipes/teks available here. Don't be a victim. They may not even be police but some kind of cyber ci's that bring the attention of whatever country would be cooks are in by gleaning that info from there targets. Once investigations begin, well, I'll describe mine: I was living w my parents for a while due to finishing prison and needing housing. Late at night, like 1am, I'd be hearing arguing outside my bathroom window which at the time I'd have cracked open due to nice weather. I mistook this for my parents until finally I went downstairs, quietly, and found to my surprise that my parents were snoring away. In my then paranoid mind, I assumed they were pretending, so I went back up, heard arguing as if it never ceased and then raced downstairs, quietly, to confirm three times that my parents were, infact, asleep. I wound up curious and since I heard snippets of the conversations, things like, and I paraphrase here, "it's obvious he's insane (something like that) we need to go now, do this now, he's gonna die". I then noticed my directv connection box to my tv had a power surge box on it and when I moved this box I heard, distinctly, "don't touch that!" In a voice that suggested the viewer was talking to a television. I thought my parents attached a baby monitor onto my box to monitor my night moves (paranoid, but wait). Once I saw a face in the window, sober minded now. I finally put it all together, in horror, that I was being monitored especially at night. I cleaned house, making sure nothing of my older bro who passed from drug use was left behind, and this promptly. As I flushed I heard a whistle and this guy was at the fucking bathroom window watching me dump bottle after bottle of liquids down the toilet. I heard the word "breach!" Yelled and assumed I was done for and all for making homemade wine. My dad heard the commotion and saw the mess of bottles scattered on the floor, empty and said "it smells like turpentine in here! Wtf...etcetc" and no door was "breached" but for days, weeks, and now months I've been u der surveillance. How do I know I'm not nuts? Well when I told my parents what was up, in to the psych doc I went. Got a healthy prescription of perphenazine and Invega. These stop hallucinations, but the voices continued at night. Eventually, and I mean months later, the more hardcore surveillance ceased and now I just get the nightly visit, with a little arguing attached. I believe the first round was dea, but now it's the locals. I have a cache of video and audio to back this claim now so I fear no longer that I'm bat shit crazy. Instead I got a taste of what little civil rights we really have. They are dressed in black, ninja like tights, climb to the roof of their target house, drop instruments of various use into the ac and other vents and I even heard small vacuums running a few times. I can only guess this was to test ppm meth molecule as it's easy to separate (see the doc on separation from cmp). Please be careful people. They mean to destroy you if you are active.
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    Huh what's going on?
  • I'm currently under investigation by my local police force due, I think, to my posts here. The only other option is that they are interested bc my Suzy purchases are a bit larger than average. I actually eat ephedrine. It wakes me up like meth but requires about ten times the dose to do similarly. Anyways, I AM being investigated and all this began when I helped a guy here named blazer32. Helped as in video conference, walked him thru. Dea had to be the first to investigate bc all my electronics were acting funny. I had a lot of problems with my cable, cellphone and even my cars electronics. This investigation is, I believe, still underway although I have little evidence to confirm.
  • Schizophrenia looks like fun.
  • Lol funny to say this but I would so much rather be wrong.
  • wurfgurf mate,not offense,but this sound alil like meth psychosis
    i had the same,runnig naked with a knife in hand
  • wurfgurf mate,not offense,but this sound alil like meth psychosis
    i had the same,runnig naked with a knife in hand

    Yep same here I been sleeping with my eyes open :D Well if the forum is compromised its time to move on so. God I miss The old HIVE and the good old days when there been less stress and more fun but sure this is the life my friends. It was pleasure to read a bit on the topic anyway. wurfgurf man I hope you be safe and its all only in your head. Take care
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