Two for the Price of One: Erotic Fiction by Habanero

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Written 5/28/09

Part 1 (fucking character limits)

Having never quite been able to maintain any sort of monogamous relationship for very long, I was never able to have children, yet I always desired them. It was with this thought in mind that I visited the adoption agency. It was there that all my dreams materialized in a set of unwanted, -conjoined- twins. I quickly moved to adopt them, passing through the background check easily. I had many plans for these beauties but they had to wait.

10 years later, the twins, who I had named Sasha and Malia in honor of then-President Barack Obama, had matured delightfully into two barely pubescent girls. The fact that they were bonded together for life made them all the more attractive. They had a set of budding tits, one per girl, that had just started to make sexy lumps in their shirts. Not for nothing, they were a very erotic sight in a tight shirt and jeans, all of which I had custom made to enhance their attractiveness.

One morning, all my planning had come to fruition. I laid a frilly, white, new dress on their bed with a “Come downstairs, Daddy has a big surprise” note attached.

They came downstairs, head poking delightfully out of the new dress. “What’s the surprise Daddy” they chorused as they stepped through the hall. When they approached the family room I leapt up and tackled them, landing them on the couch. “DADDY!” they screeched as they flew through the air. I gave a mischievous grin as I got up. “Girls, today I am going to teach you about sex. Being conjoined it is different for you and in your case the best way is demonstration. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you or anything. Just our little secret.”

They looked at each other and grinned. “Daddy we’ve been wanting you to do something like this forever. We’ve started playing with ourselves late at night, it’s kind of difficult because the two of us only have one tingly place and we like different things.”

My cock sprang up upon hearing this. So they have been masturbating! I reached up and slowly pulled the top of their dress down, exposing two small but well-developed tits with small strawberry red nipples. I slowly sucked on one as they gasped and it hardened in my mouth. Malia, who was closest to the free breast, pulled it up and started licking it herself. Then Sasha grabbed Malia’s head and pulled it towards her, giving her a passionate kiss as their tongues began playing with each other. “They must have done this a lot,” I thought, “normally kids this age are very inexperienced.”

I then reached up the bottom of their dress and found their vagina. The girls really needed to learn to shave their pussy, but there was not that much hair yet. I slowly began fingering them, and then slowly worked more fingers in until most of my hand was in their pussy which was absolutely dripping juices all over my hand. "You're supposed to be virgins" I said in a mock stern voice, and they giggled. "We worked up from fingers to bottles, Daddy" Sasha said. "Well then you should be able to accomodate my cock quite nicely" I responded, sliding my pants to my ankles as they cooperated to take off the dress.

Each head looked at each other with a bit of a mischievous yet wondering grin, eager yet curious as to what it would feel to get spread open by a real penis. I took my fully engorged, swollen purple cock head and slid it up and down their labia, rubbing it against their clitoris causing the two of them to both moan in ecstasy. "Daddy put that in me RIGHT NOW!" Malia screamed at me with Sasha's face contorted in ecstatic assent.

I eagerly obliged and slammed my penis deep inside them. Their warm muscles gripped me, better than any single vagina I've been in, with each of the girls clenching their love-sheath in a different area, molding around my penis perfectly. All too soon I felt like I was going to nut. "Girls I've given you a sampling but now I'm going to take this a step further." They looked at each other excitedly. I produced a bottle of K-Y. "I'm going to stick my cock in your butt!"

They both recoiled a bit, the idea of a dick going where they poop not quite appealing. "I promise it will feel good." "Okay Daddy."

I slimed up their ass with the K-Y and then generously lubricated my dick. It slid in easily. "Oh Daddy that DOES feel good" Sasha moaned. Little flecks of poop came out with my shaft then fell off as I plunged back into the twins' depth. "Girls, I'm going to make this feel even better" I said. Both looked extremely eager, since their experience had been nothing but.

From a drawer nearby, I produced two large butcher's knives. I took one, and slammed it up their still-stretched vagina. "OWW!" they both cried, starting to cry as the blade cut into their vaginal tissues. I grabbed the second knife and slid it again into their vagina, then up into their intestines. Blood gushed out of their vagina as they began bawling in pain, my penis still sliding in and out of their ass, becoming slicked with the blood gushing out of their vagina.

In a swift move, I tied the Siamese twins up to the couch. Despite their struggles the bonds held firm. Taking some strong tape, I forced their heads to look at each other. "One of you is going to die, and the other one is going to watch" I said. They attempted to scream or something, but their mouths were taped shut so all that came out was a whimper.

I paced the floor, erect penis bouncing in front of me. Then, a wonderfully erotic idea came to mind.


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    Part 2

    I went over to an ottoman and dragged it to where the conjoined twins lay tied on the bed, vagina still oozing blood down the knives. I stood on it, gripping my erect penis. Malia was closest. I guided my penis towards her face - she tried to edge back in terror but there was nowhere for her to go - then, I slowly ran my throbbing member up and down her face. As I slid it up, I then slowly moved it over her eyelids, closed in fright as she cried. Taking two fingers, I pried her eyelid open, then slid my penis to her exposed eye. Then I pushed, slowly. Malia cried harder. I pushed more, her eye squishing in the deep recesses of her skull, until it finally popped in a tsunami of blood and tissue. My penis grew only harder as I began skullfucking one of my daughters, her other eye wide with terror and pouring tears. Sasha's eyes were just as wide, and her complexion looked a bit green until she vomited all over her sister. I scooped up some of the barf and slid it all over my penis, even dumping some into Malia's eye socket to help with lube. I didn't want to kill the girl just yet, so I didn't force my penis into her brain.

    I withdrew my still-erect penis, and started my fireplace. No, I wouldn't do something as horrible as force them into the flames. Personally, to have them dead that quickly ruins a lot of the fun. I enjoy my corpses still warm, not flambéed. No, instead, I got a rousing flame going. It added to the already erotic scene. On the side, there were some tools including a poker. Taking the poker, I jabbed it straight into the heart of the flames, and there I let it sit. It would come in handy later.

    At the moment, however, I drew my attention to the tearstained, bloody mess of the twins. Sasha had fainted. Taking advantage of this, I scooped up some of Malia's blood and smeared it all over Sasha's face. After a few repeats of this, she woke up and tears began running rivulets through the blood.

    Out of a drawer, I pulled out a special invention so genius I was surprised not to find it in one of those hardcore S&M shops. It was a small handheld garden rake, normally used for those pesky weeds. But I had modified it, sharpening the tips into points and giving the inner side an edge. I held it up to Malia's throat, which was tense with fear. She had that dull look in her eye, that one where she knew that this was it, she was going to die. I kept that eye contact, even as I slashed her throat open with the rake, watching her eyes widen then glaze over as blood poured out her open throat onto her twin. I ran my penis through the gash, painting it red with my daughter's blood. Sasha had once again vomited, then fainted, but the green vomit was overtaken by the far greater volume of blood. The couch was saturated with the mess of blood, vomit, with some lube, even. I proceeded to keep slashing at my dead daughter's neck, until her head was completely severed. I then grabbed my penis, slapped the decapitated head a few times, then plunged it into what remained of her throat, through her neck. I ripped off the tape that was on her mouth so I could fully take in the erotic sight that was my penis sliding in and out of Malia's mouth through her throat.

    Finished with the head, I doused it in gasoline, then threw it into the fire to help fuel it. Angry flames and black smoke quickly made short work of it. I had to work quickly now, because Malia was dead, Sasha would not have long before she would die naturally. I quickly grabbed her head and forced it towards her twin's bloody neck, rubbing it in the blood that still occasionally spurted in geysers from the still-working heart.

    I sprang back and ran to the fireplace. The charred, crumbling remains of Malia's skull still growled with embers in the fireplace. Underneath it, the poker tip glowed an angry white-hot, dimming to a dull red. With a dull scrape as the metal dragged against stone, I withdrew the poker, holding the tip in front of her tear and blood-stained face. Out of my back pocket, I pulled a cigarette and with the tip of the poker, I lit it easily. Then, with all my strength, I dealt a ferocious blow that left an angry burn on her cheek and a large welt drawing a line down the rest of her face. I took the rapidly cooling poker, and began drawing all manner of strange tattoos with it on her chest and stomach. Sasha writhed in pain only the damned must feel, as the burn marks solidified into blackened, oozing tissue, in some strange, monstrous shape. I dropped the butt of the cigerete in the bloody mess of Malia's neck. It helped.

    I then propped up the girl and the remains of her twin, shoving the still-glowing poker into their raw anus, still with traces of lube on it. Sasha bucked and writhed as much as her bonds allowed in agony. I could see where the ropes had rubbed her skin raw, and that only made my penis harder. "Don't worry Sasha. It's all over now." I cooed as I removed the knives from her vagina. She just sobbed as I removed the bonds, only to swiftly replace them with handcuffs before she could move - if she could move in all the pain. At that point, I let her sit in a puddle of her own blood, enduring the electric knives that was her pain. I had to go do something in the kitchen.

    I returned to a barely alive Sasha. But my plan and fantasies were almost through. I grabbed Sasha's arm and dragged her and her corpse twin to the kitchen, leaving a trail of shiny, dark red blood. There, the oven lay open, a stream of hot air hitting our faces as we approached. I grabbed Sasha by the neck, and thrust her in the open oven. She attempted frantically to get out as the red-hot coils burned her back, with equally red coils facing her on the bottom of the oven. She tried pushing out, only to have her face mashed into the bottom coil as my penis thrust its way into her bloody vagina. I enjoyed the still-warm flesh, wet not with natural lubricant but with blood, as the muscles pulsated in terror. Soon the rhythmic, fearful contractions began to slow and the pulsations of her heart followed as Sasha died. I pulled her out of the oven only to admire the wonderful design the oven coils had wrought upon her.

    There was, however, a few more things I wished to do, even with my dead daughters. I first produced an acetylene torch, doing myself what I never wanted a doctor to do: seperate the conjoined twins. It was not a clean job - their intestines spilled out in a bloody mess, and their shared heart was just a piece of charred muscle. But I managed it anyway, and I packed both bloody halves along with all the entrails into a garbage bag, then threw it into the back of my pickup truck.

    I drove down to a nearby apartment complex, the roof of which was high enough for my needs. I walked up to the roof, bag in hand. I leaned over the edge, gazing at the sidewalk below. This part of town was not very well frequented, and the complex was mostly empty. I took the bag, untied the careful knot I tied, and as I gazed in to the bloody guts, my penis once again sprang to attention. I masturbated slowly at the sight, until I knew I was close to coming. Still stroking my penis, I dumped the bag over the edge of the building, watching the entire mass splatter all over the sidewalk.

    Still masturbating, I ran down the stairs to the sidewalk. Right as I reached the corpses, I had the greatest orgasm I have ever had in my life. Cum flew in what seemed to be a never-ending stream all over both my daughters and their internal organs.

    It's unfortunate, I guess, that a cope had to be on patrol at the time. I guess he didn't like me, because as I sat down to eat the cum-covered remains, he ran up to me, gun drawn, and told me to lie flat on the ground. He did not stop me, however, from fulfilling my life-long fantasy.

    Not very much longer later, or maybe it was a few years. I don't know. I sat in front of the judge, and as he read the jury's penalty of death for my harmless sexual fantasy, I became filled with rage. I happened to be about to eat an orange, and the only thing that I could think of doing was to wail the thing as hard as I could at that judge's porky, sagging face. That's exactly what I did. Enraged, he threw me out of the courtroom just as I dropped my pants and defecated all over the courtroom floor.
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