Rules of Engagement..and Love?

sAINTsAINT Regular
edited July 2010 in Life
how could you throw away years worth of love,
cant you see you got me going in tears after all the bullshit we went through
had me running after you now i sit here n wait, staying up late just waiting for my cell to ring
while you out there on another fling fuck man, i shouldnt have given you that ring
now i sit here alone while this love is postponed and think how we were suppose to be grown
but i guess your dead inside, we'll never be known. i fucked up but i stayed TRUE
and you, you strayed away left me going crazy over you

See i write to get shit off my chest,but im so fucking exhausted with no rest
reaching for the last time, puttin on my vest this might be my last rhyme
my last time in this world as i know it best
it hurts to fight, to see a family mourn, the loss of a lover
man our hearts are torn, now im going back to finish this war and what for?
so my mind can get fucked up even more,
i can take the thought of failure but she'll never take my pride
forsaken eyes, i can feel your pain, but taste the aches of mine
sake of time, save some time, take a step inside my
a fight on the way, seems like they all rely on you
lies seem truth, truth seems fake everythings a revolving door
the second we go wreckless with our methods we just start up more..
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