Chemical Infatuations

sAINTsAINT Regular
edited July 2010 in Life
with my life here's what I wanna do
acknowledge truth about the universe,
i'll truely search the works of every molecule
there's lots of jewels, we ignore and overlook with half our sight
religion factors in to axing progress of the afterlife
I have the light, every night we go on an impressive trip
we all have DMT thats why we dream you see the lesson is
We'd never live
if hallucination was irrelevant
Yup, I said it kids
look at the human race when you take mescaline

It's not the same, you thought you had it all figured out,
The picture you've been given starts to ripple and your trippin out
A different sound, puts our planet into perspective
And open ups the mind to everything it's used to neglecting
Now it's detecting respectable spectacles your inspecting,
The possibility of government created infection
A real life V For Vendetta, it's just our need for the chedda
But who's to blame our species' weakness seems to be greed and pleasure..
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