So it seems Girls from Ghana Find me Irresistible

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2 days ago a girl named Abigail added me on Skype and then start chatting with me, she told me to come on Yahoo messenger, thinking about seeing some tits, I said why not. So, I installed the damn messenger and even made a new account (just to be on the safe side).

No her English was okay, I could sense she is used to this IM thing. I didn’t ask her location because I thought she would be from US or something. She then goes on about how she wants to have a long term relationship with me and I am like WTF, I barely fucking know you.

I ask her location and details, she is 22 or something and she lives in Ghana. I Googled Ghana and the images I saw weren’t that good. It seems that place is worse than Pakistan and that’s saying something. I decided not to be a