Learn a new language, you lazy scumbag! [Links etc]

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Ok so I am obsessed with perfecting my German to the point of almost looking like a Nazi. Whouda thunk it? :D

Anyway, whatever language takes your choice, (and "Mexican" doesn't exist), there are a multitude of sites, which are free to sign up to, that can really help you get started.
In my years of perfecting German and a few other languages (to lesser degrees - Dutch, Italian, French), I have used
  • Rosetta Stone (would rate 7/10 but it was a Torrented copy so I didn't have the handbook lol)
  • Pimsleur Audio CD (8/10)
  • Flash cards (6/10)

But below are 2 sites with descriptions, that I have found really helpful. Hopefully you'll check them out along your way if you wish to learn a new language :)

This is a cracking site as you can sign up with your Facebook account (if you so, erm, wish) or just a regular email etc. Your progress is tracked and memory (short/long term etc) compared with with seeds, plants, greenhouses etc. It all becomes clear once you begin to use it.
The actual language side is great as well because there are mnemonics on learning words (eg, können means can, to be able to so the mnemonic is "Konnen the Barbarian was ABLE to do anything!") and is user-submitted.

Get the idea? Good. Before you know it you're actually really far ahead, and even after 20 minutes I was fucking impressed with myself.

Link - http://www.memrise.com

This is a great service once you have looked into your language and become proficient at writing.
Your writing is corrected..and well, sod it, the front page of the site tells you what it's about. Maybe this will help English to keep on growing as every bleedin' foreigner I've run into, shagged or otherwise encountered can speak decent English.

Link - http://lang-8.com/

I hope these 2 sites will be helpful, they are to me right now. And just think, when you've finished, maybe a foreign lay ain't too far away! ;)


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