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  • Help! I had a dream that I ran out of pH tester strips and thought it was close enough to 7 so evaporated it in the dish.. Waaaay to acidic! It must be sitting around 2 or 3. But it's been avaporated! I have 7p of product that I need to add sodium …
  • Hey Azzshaard or Potato or anyone with the knowledge.. Steps 41 - 43 in Enso's OP (the water wash of fuel towards the end) isn't that wasting a lot of MA? Is that where you loose the most? OR does it stay in the fuel and not the dirty water beca…
  • Thanks heaps for all your help potato! Clever man!
  • Potato wrote: » Justme wrote: » BACK TO TOPIC: Had quite a few dreams lately but was wondering if the half litre ss RV's are better or the 1 litre ones? Dean? Anyone who has an idea? 500ml works but more likely to spray the user, if usin…
  • cannagels wrote: » Buying marijuana weeds was a concern previously because of the restrictions on them but there is no restriction anymore! The weeds are clinically tested to be effective for treating various difficult medical issues. This is th…
  • @dean45 can you please help me out with my questions? Sorry to hassle but I need to know why you can't put the PSE in straight away in the RV and also do I water wash the ether after I extract from aerosol can? Thanks dean
  • In other stories I ever seen the PSE pills go in the RV right away... You don't do this though? Any reason?
  • Sorry to ask so many questions, but can I get Hexane by spraying the mentioned electronic cleaner can into a snappy bag? Do I have to hold it upside-down? Plus same with Dyethel Ether? Just give them both a water wash, yes? Please help someone, I've…
  • Do you need to clean the PSE pills if the only ingredient is Pseudoephedrine hcl in the pills? (Sudafed nasal decongestant box)
  • Is Hexane really needed in this method? Is it's sole role to keep the lithium strips good before you put the lithium in the RV? Also, do you pour the Hexane into the RV too? I had a dream one night I was going to do this but couldn't source Hexane