What is Totseans.com?

Founded in December 2011, Totseans.com is a place to share, learn and discover information on various subjects. Here, you’re able to freely speak your mind without being censored or shot down, and you can rest assured that your knowledge will be passed on to other like-minded people who are willing to listen. We believe in a world where information and knowledge is free and of the highest quality, with no strings attached.

Hungry for History? Read on and discover our roots…

Oh yes, the story goes much deeper than that. It all dates back to as far as 1989 with the launch of a Dial-Up BBS under the name of TOTSE – the Temple Of The Screaming Electron.

TOTSE was started by Jeff Hunter (a founding member of NIRVANAnet) originally named “& the Temple of the Screaming Electron”. The original &TOTSE specialized in small text files. (Hunter had an old 8088 PC XT clone with limited hard drive space; small text files were the only data he could store in reasonable quantity.) TOTSE became available on the Internet in 1997, and the dial-up BBS system was discontinued in the spring of 1998. TOTSE was closed on January 17, 2009, after a goodbye message was posted on the front page of the website by Jeff, thanking the users for the last 20 years.

Many people went their separate ways after the website disappeared into a cloud of smoke, kickstarting the launch of several new communities with the same motives and mindset as the original TOTSE. Some are still online to this very day, although it is widely agreed that none of them could ever come close to being anywhere near as good as the great original. One of these communities was launched under the name of totse.info in 2010, looking almost identical to totse.com and sporting a complete range of archived text files from the original temple. It looked promising, and soon people began signing up.

Things looked good, but the place lacked any real direction. It was almost like a lost ship at sea, floating aimlessly, hoping land would appear on the horizon. But that land never did show up, and .info began to lose its initial drive. Things slowed down, efforts to get the site back up to speed proved to be hopeless and the community began to see it’s foundations crumbling beneath itself. Needless to say, lessons were learned during the whole year that the site was online.

It was obvious – nothing could ever replace the original Temple Of The Screaming Electron. The original members had mostly long gone, nothing was left other than some crappy old text-files and some old forum archives which weren’t any use to anybody. However, there has been one vital component which hasn’t died out, and never will…

The Totsean Spirit

During the time we’ve all spent at various corners of the internet, we’ve come to realize that being a Totsean doesn’t depend on the fact that you were part of a certain website at a certain time. Being a Totsean is a way of life. It’s a certain mindset that’s present in many people from all over the world. It’s that mindset which makes you want to learn new things, share information with others and make the world a more interesting and enjoyable place to live in. We believe there’s a little Totsean Spirit in all of us, and we’ve created this website to let you express your inner Totsean with the rest of us like-minded people.