Any Good New Comics Out?

DerelictmyballsDerelictmyballs Acolyte
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Just finally finished reading all the Sandman comics and those fucking ruled. However, I was wondering if anyone knows of a series that has come out recently, like still in the low teens that is worth getting.


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    New comics eh... I really don't know about any new comics :( The only ones I really read were the old spiderman and batman ones - are they still going strong? I'd love to be able to help you out but I have no idea what's around any more.

    If this thread fails, have you tried Googling around?
  • Gary OakGary Oak Regular
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    I just recently read Batman Hush, and it was pretty good. You should also read the Walking Dead and Scott Pilgrim GN's if you haven't read them yet, they are great.
  • SemSem Regular
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    No idea as far as current to be honest. However if you liked the Sandman series you might consider grabbind/downloading Hellblazer.
  • DerelictmyballsDerelictmyballs Acolyte
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    Yeah, I just lent Hush to one of my friends. That was pretty fuckin' rad.

    And I'm all caught up on Walking Dead and I read Scott Pilgrim a while ago. I was googling around and didn't see very much, though I know there's something new coming out in march called The Annihilators. Sounds pretty cool, it's like Cosmic Marvel shit.
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