France to ban burqas

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355-1. Looks like the flood gates could be open for the rest of Europe.


  • MantikoreMantikore Regular
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    still might not pass though.

    from a libertarian point of view, the bill isnt particularly lawful. i dont think its a question gender politics though, many women choose to wear their headwear.

    for government buildings i can see the need to show your faces for security purposes
  • KillSwitchKillSwitch New Arrival
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    I was watching an episode of "Mall Cops" the other night, and they told two young women that they couldn't wear hoodies in the mall (I.E. The hood part had to be off the head). Then later they have a young muslim girl who had gotten lost and the mall cops had to find her family for her.

    The young girl had her head covered, but no said anything about that. Later they found the mother and two sisters all of whom were wearing the head wraps as well. I don't care if this is part of the religious beliefs, just down right hypocritical in my opinion.
  • VickyVicky Regular
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    It's the people implementing the rules who are at fault, not the girls in the headscarves. I think it's crazy, it just makes people even more suspicious of islamic people and divides the community. This nanny-state control is getting crazy. Telling you what you can and can't wear? Ironic that a country stereotypically known as womanising and sexist to ban women from covering up.

    If this was highly widespead I could just about get my head around it but:
    In France, only 2,000 out of two million adult Muslim women are estimated to wear the veil (that's 0.1 per cent of French female Muslims).

    Drawing attention away from other issues with a socially divisive headline, well they are doing a good job at keeping the masses divided.
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