Infraction List

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Infraction List
Each infraction results in a direct ban which lasts from 6 hours to 4 days or more. A warning is mandatory before an infraction unless it’s a spam bot.

Spammed Advertisements
Posting Ads in different sections, posting links to your blogs or website for promotion purposes is allowed but if you try to spread them around the forum and basically advertise it in a fashion that it becomes spam you will be warned and banned using this infraction.

Thread: Aliens are hot.
Content: Aliens are hot, they’re really effing hot. Read more at this link: LINK TO YOUR BLOG.
The above is allowed.

This is NOT OKAY

Thread: Visit my website
Content: LINK
Rinse and repeat. Do not do this.

Page Stretching
User purposely posts long replies filled with garbage in order to increase the thread length or width. If a user does this one or two time in a row, a simple spoiler tag can handle the job. The user doesn't comply a warning can be used and then an infraction can be placed. Use this only if the user doesn’t comply.

Hacking the forum (Exploits)
User tries to hack the forum using scripts or tries to exploit forum weakness or tries to harm the community by phishing.

Spam posts in different sections.

Spam Bots
Automated or Human bots that register just to spam totse.

Posting child porn
Links or pictures to child porn. It's advisable that the links should be edited out and send to Dfg as soon as possible for review.

Posting Drug Sources

Links to websites that trade or sell drugs that are deemed illegal.

Posting harmful links
Links that are used for phishing or are harmful to users and the community fall in this category.
Torrent links and links to file sharing websites are okay. When it comes to warez it should be limited but it's permitted as long as nothing is hosted on totse. Serial numbers should be edited out or kept at a minimum.

Abusing Report Feature
Used only when a user abuses the report feature.

Panic Button
Used when some crisis arises and no other Gobal Mod or Admin is around. It's a general infraction and should be used only in extreme cases. Using the report tool would be a better idea.

Torrent Policy

You’re allowed to post links to torrent websites. Posting links to private trackers will get you in trouble. Use public trackers like Demonoid and Piratebay. When it comes to software, warn the users in advance. Torrents links to questionable material are okay as long as Totse doesn’t get in trouble. Use a disclaimer whenever possible.


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    Posting PI
    Used when someone posts a real name, address, phone number, CCV, Social Security or private details on the forum.
    A) The user must be a member of this forum. No exception.
    B) The user must report the PI or contact the mod team otherwise no action will be taken. Also, the PI will get removed if the user is here and didn't make the complaint and the poster might get a warning.
    C) Even if the information is posted around the Internet, if the user didn't post it on, it's PI. If a user himself posts it on it will not be considered PI.
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