Firefox 4, you just made me feel like I have OCD

MeloncholyMeloncholy Regular
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I've been using Firefox 4 for about a month now and something has been pissing me off for a while but I've only just put my finger on it. With older versions, clicking a link with the middle mouse button/wheel would open it a new tab. No fucking about right clicking and selecting "open in new tab". Even more annoying, images don't even have the open in new tab option on the right click menu (so if I you want to view an image fullsize you have to navigate away from the original page, rather than just opening it in a seperate tab).

On top of that, I now feel like an OCD wanker for getting frustrated over a browser feature :mad:.


  • blink182blink182 Acolyte
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    umm i just opened a new tab with the middle mouse button bro.
  • MeloncholyMeloncholy Regular
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    Okay... what version are you using?

    If not firefox what else could it be? An addon fuckup?
  • SlartibartfastSlartibartfast Global Moderator -__-
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    go with Google's Chrome.

    I'm sure firefox 4.0.1 still has that feature.
    yep, just launched FF to see, it still has it.

    what kind of mouse do you have? Check your middle-click settings.
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    Firefox definitely opens new tabs with the Middle Click, I use it all the time for Totse. As for images, copy the image location, CTRL+T,CTRL+V,Enter.
  • DfgDfg Admin
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    I use middle button all the time. It works on almost all browsers. Even on IE9
  • BoxBox Regular
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    middle button fo new tab works fine on ff 4.0.1 on os x. The only issue I have with ff4 is that when you right click, the first option is 'open in new window'.
    In ff3 it used to be 'open in new tab.'
  • MeloncholyMeloncholy Regular
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    Well that's put the cat among the pidgeons. Just plugged in an old USB mouse and it works fine (was using a wireless one). To the control panel!
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    ^ funny that, the other day my mouse's middle click packed in and I also had to get myself a new mouse. Works fine again now!
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