Toys or Fingers?

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All right totse girls. I've a question for you lot. I've heard from girls that they prefer their fingers to the plastic touch and or wriggle of sex toys. It came to mind that this must be a matter of personal preference. That got me to wondering, are girls who prefer toys necessarily kinkier? Does either really compare with the other or are they apples and bananas? What is your opinion on the matter?


  • BigHarryDickBigHarryDick Cock Bite
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    flesh light ;)
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    Personally, I prefer toys. I like to be stretched in a way fingers just don't permit, and my nails are long. Non-penetrative stimulation (like, of the clit) doesn't do much for me, so that's probably a contributing factor. Am I kinkier than other girls, who prefer fingers? Probably yes, but I doubt it's because I like toys, or that I like toys because I'm kinkier than average.

    Btw... apples and bananas? They work too. ;)
  • Sarahlov3lySarahlov3ly Regular
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    I have a toy but I like fingers better.
  • ducklipsducklips Regular
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    what girl doesn't have a toy/s? If they don't have one now I bet they will at some point. it really depends on the mood and I would say they would generally be kinkier but not necessarily. Just more open to the exploration of their body, hmm but that might be kinky. idk. vibrator, fingers, cock maybe all at once :eek: Like I said its all about the mood at the moment.
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    I have a toy but I like fingers better.
    Could you send me pics of that plz Sarah. I reformatted my puter & lost the last ones you sent me. 5char...;)
    ducklips wrote: »
    what girl doesn't have a toy/s?
    buddha doesn't count. :o
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    bornkiller wrote: »
    Could you send me pics of that plz Sarah

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    This this and this..........
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    Well, my girlfriend prefers fingers, that's for sure. She got a dildo for one of her birthdays, and I used it on her, and she clearly was not aroused at all. Whereas fingering her I can make her cum easily. And she said she hates the feel of it, so there's that too.

    I've never tried a fleshlight or anything like that, but for what it's worth, I find masturbation more physically pleasing than sex, so I guess I like fingers more?
  • GreetvuGreetvu Semo-Regulars
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    I agree, it does sound a bit like a 'quick fix' solution.Surely you can never be 100% absolutely certain that something won't go wrong.
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