Flip Flops and Sandals

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I've never liked to wear flip flops even if I was in the shower. I of course did wear them in public shower for sanitation purposes but otherwise they were a no-go. I hated the way they feel with just that one nylon chord between my big and index toes. Now I wear them very often because it stays hot at my job in the summer. I'm getting used to them and to wearing shorts. Though sometimes I feel like a beach bum. I'm considering sandals as my alternative as I also think that casual flip flops are feminine. I'm used to a strictly closed toe shoe or boot but I need comfortable and not so sweaty feet. What are the totse opinions about flip flops and sandals?


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    BEHOLD!!! The solution to all your problems; Vibram's FivFingers:

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    The only reason I would wear those would be for the oils and for diving. I can't imagine they have very good support or traction both of which I need to drive constantly.
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    Never wear them, probably never will. They're just annoying in my opinion, plus they flip and flop everywhere and it gets annoying when you're trying to walk.
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    I only wear flip flops if Im going to the beach and I got my surfer shorts on :) Apart from that no. Sandals are actually very popular in Poland if I remember rightly.
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    I only wear them with socks.
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    I can't stand it when people wear flip-flops or sandals with socks :mad: It looks really messed up.
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    I used to wear them all the time when I was a kid but I actually hate wearing them now. You can't run in them. You can't fight in them. You can't go in the woods or rocky areas in them. It sucks when it starts raining and you get your feet wet.

    It drives me crazy, people around here will where them all year. I'll often notice people walking to class wearing them with no socks in the middle of December. :facepalm:
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    I wear flip flops all the time. I used to hate them and I said Id never wear them but i bought a pair of American Eagle flip flops and there the shit. I wear them all the time. They suck when I have to walk long distances and I cant stand wearing them in the rain but other than that there great.
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    I just cant wear them all together. Doesnt even matter for sanitation purposes. I will only use them when I have to go out to my car to get something right outside the door. I dont know why I hate them so much. I just do. Its either shoes or nothing at all.
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    Flip flops are sandals that have a piece of material separating the big toe and second toe. These are best Flip flops brands Keds, Skechers and Saucony.

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    BEHOLD!!! The solution to all your problems; Vibram's FivFingers

    Vibrams are the shit. i have the KSO Treks, they are made of kangaroo leather, the greatest shoe i ever bought. also they simulate being barefoot so you don't need support, you support yourself. and they are non slip, they have great grip.
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    Why call them FivFingers if it's your toes?
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