How long is x detectable in my system? [Published]

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The following is for informational purposes only. I neither endorse nor encourage illegal activities, and this thread is not intended to help anyone negate their way around a drugs test. The word "detectable" is not used to imply that the purpose of this guide is to pass a drugs test; I believe that anyone who is considering taking a drug should know how long it will stick around in their system. However, figures for the complete absence of a drug are difficult to quantify, and so SAMHSA guidelines on a positive result are used instead.

Figures are approximate; as factors such as the metabolism, body mass, age, overall health, drug tolerance, urine pH, level of excercise and fluid intake of the person being tested, the amount and frequency used, the method of administration etc. will all have a bearing.


Substance: duration detecable(urine); duration detectable (hair)

Amphetamines: 1-4 days; 90 days(*)
Anabolic Steroids: 2-3 weeks (oral) 1-3 months (injected) 8 months+ (Naldrolene);
Barbiturates: 1-21 days;
---> short acting (allobarbital, alphenal, amobarbital, aprobarbital, butabarbital, butalbital, butethal, pentobarbital secobarbital) 1-4 days;
---> long-acting (i.g. barbital, phenobarbital) 2-3 weeks;
Benzodiazepines: 1- 42 days;
Buprenorphine (suboxone): 1-3 days; 90 days
Cocaine: 4-5 days; 90 days
Codeine: 2-4 days; 90 days
GHB: 12-24 hrs; undetectable ?
Heroin: 2-4 days; 90 days
Ketamine: 2-4 days; ?
---> norketamine: 14 days; ?
LSD: 12-14 hrs; undetectable
Marijuana: 2-3 (single use) / up to 30 days (chronic use); 60-90 days
MDMA: 3-5 days; 90 days
Meperidine: 4-24 hrs; 90 days
Mephedrone: 1-7 days; ?
Mescalin: 1-4 days; ?
Methadone: 3 days; 97 days
Methamphetamine: 3-5 days; 90 days
Methaqualone: 14 days; 90 days
Morphine: 2-4 days; 90 days
Opium: 1-2 days; 90 days
Oxycodone: 2-4 days;
PCP: 3-7 days; 90 days
Propoxyphene: 6 hrs-2 days; ?
Psilocybin: 1-3 days; ?
Salvia: <12hrs (**)

(*) 90 days accounts for 1.5 inches of most recent growth, the standard sample tested
(**)Probably. Based on a study of the half life of Salvinorin A in rhesus monkeys.

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