Make ghetto Krink (GK) [Published]

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This guide is for informational purposes only. TheWitchDoctor is not responsible if you go and vandalize you neighborhood or whatever.

I'm sure all you graff-heads have heard about krink, but that shit is expensive as fuck. This guide will teach you how to make your own Krink on a budget, or without a budget if you're an &T G.

You will need:
Rustoleum OIL BASED paint (the silver/aluminum color)
Paint thinner


1. Go outside and put on some gloves. Trust me, its a bitch to get this stuff out of your carpet.

2. Mix your paint and painter thinner in your container. 2/3 paint to 1/3 paint thinner.

3. Stir it up.

4. You're done. That was easy wasn't it?

How to use:

You're going to want to use this stuff in a mop as it won't flow properly out of a valve marker. Bingo daubers or window markers work good. Make sure you take the flow regulator out of the nib of the mop, it's a little springy piece of plastic, just pry it out with a knife or something. This will let the paint flow better. Also, some people like to add BB's in their mop to help mix the paint when you shake it, I've never done this and never had any problems with the paint not mixing.

Once you have your mop filled up go stand in front of whatever you plan to write on, give your mop a good shake, and then proceed to write. You don't need to squeeze much unless you want a ton of drips.


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    What the fuck, nigger?
  • PacoPaco me administrator
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    Krink is way too fucking expensive for me :P

    This is a good recipe for some ghetto krink.

    The only ink I have right now is Do Em Dirty, Outdoorsman. I bought one bottle last time I bought some Ironlak(9cans) and they fucked up my order and shipped everything twice so I ended up with 18 cans, 2 bottles of ink, 2 Junobo minimops, two sample bags of caps and 2 Junobo Scrawlers(they came free with an order over 20 bucks)
  • TheWitchDoctorTheWitchDoctor Regular
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    I don't even get what makes krink so great. I would much rather spend my money on DED or some other hard staining ink. I do love the k-71 marker though, it's one of my favorites to use.

    You're fucking lucky dude. Junobo paint is awesome. The colors are so bright and thick.

    I heard you can make ghetto junobo by doing the krink recipe with white paint and then adding acrylic paint. It didn't work for me when I tried it though.
  • PacoPaco me administrator
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    Yea Junobo is pretty nice, I got the kiwi green but I haven't really used it yet.

    I've heard the same thing about the ghetto Junobo, I've seen it done on youtube and the like but I've never actually tried it.
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    Add raven oil to the mix as well - makes shit STAIN
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