Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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Since I'm sure pretty much everybody here has played the first Deus Ex, how many of you will be picking up the latest sequel(prequel?) this month? It comes out 23/08/2011 in North America.

I think I'm going to pre-order it this week so I don't have to worry about having the money for it at the end of the month. From what I've seen it looks pretty good and I'm really liking the fact that it's single player only since I don't have xbox live.

I really hope that it won't be too different from the first game or else I'm going to be :angry:


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    Well I am away until after it comes out I am however planning on preordering it and then playing it when I get back.

    I still feel as though I will be disappointed, so I am looking at no reviews trailers etc. so it's one big surprise my mate said CVG gave it 10/10 but that's all I know. That and there is regenerating health that's not even something you buy.
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    Here's how the final boss will be:

    You fall into a pool of experimental liquid that render all your weapons inactive as well as most of your augmentations. You have just enough bioelectric energy left to concentrate a fatal mind blast on a single target. As you climb out of the pool you are faced with the final challenge: Justin Bieber or Rebecca black.
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    Deus Ex - Human Revolution - Augmented Edition DLC [STEAM]

    The Augmented Edition contains a 40-page art book, and a bonus DVD featuring a 44- minute “making of” special, the game soundtrack, a motion-comic (adapted from DC’s official series), and the E3 trailer and animated storyboard.



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  • Caramello KoalaCaramello Koala Acolyte
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    This game looks fucking crazy.
  • RogueEagle91RogueEagle91 Regular
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    Hell yes.
    I CAN run this.
    Awesome that the laptop I bought 4 years ago is still running comfortably between the minimum and recommended specs.
    Really excited when I started seeing ads for HR.
    Looks fucking sick.

    Also, Dfg, your link goes into a redirect loop.

    Edit: Nevermind. Site must be screwy, or my internet doesn't want me to connect.
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