Google taking over Motorola. Discuss

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What do you think of Google taking over Motorola? Do you think the phones will get better or worse and how do you think it will affect the Android operating system?


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    I agree with you there. As I understand it, the big plus for Google is that it has now protected itself from lawsuits against its Android system by acquiring its patent portfolio which is a massive result for Google!

    This is the official google explanation:
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    The phones will probably end up getting a lot better, all running on a customized version of the Android OS which is fit for Motorolla phones. I really hate Motorolla at the minute. Ever since they brought out that horrible RAZR phone, I really disliked them. I remember there was one time I was sitting in a grassy field with my friend, trying to send them a single MP3 file. I had an SD card in my phone at the time, so I could fit a fuck load of music on it. The RAZR however, couldn't handle ONE MP3 FILE :facepalm: And that's when I started hating Motorolla.

    Seriously though, either Google will just leave them alone or they will work together, producing some snazzy new mobile devices which everyone will suddenly want again.
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    Good luck, I have a feeling Google is going to fuck it up. Every time Google gets into the hardware business they completely fall flat on their face. Hell, how many social networks have they started or bought and all failed immediately after. Google+ is just a nice summertime toy, I doubt it'll last long and Facebook will soon be declining as well. When you get into social networks you suffer from not staying with the times and keeping yourself relevant and changing things too much tot he point people are frustrated. Facebook is running out of shit to do with their platform and they make NO MONEY! They haven't been and wont be profitable until they open up an IPO next year which isn't going to do shit because investors will soon realize they don't make shit and even adding ads they would bottom out.

    Double thumbs down. Any chance to watch Google fail I enjoy because they aren't the same company they used to be. These guys are the New Microsoft in technology and sooner or later people will realize those fucks have been using you more than you're using them, and they're profiting ridiculously off your information.
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    if google cant even get their microphone search right what makes you think they will

    make motorola better? They wont, its just like playing monopoly with these fags. The billionaires are

    just buying "properties" or "Hotels" aka Businesses to make their board stronger.

    Bad idea, but who the fuck am i to judge a billionaire?
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    I have very little experience with Motorola. They seem like an average feature phone manufacturer. The patents Google gets with this is probably something they will welcome. They'd also have direct access to hardware and suppliers now.

    I wonder if they'll sell the phones on their website or try for a carrier deal. Google simply can't do customer relations, they fail at it in every possible way. This is probably why they can't sell hardware, it requires a greater level of customer relations.
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    I think google+ will last BTW only because it's always in your face with that black bar they have now and they are integrating it with all their services.

    BHG, I don't think you realise how difficult it is to get a voice-to-text system working well. Think of all the variables: accents, tones, volume background noise, mic quality, "umms and errs" and the different combination of words.
    You're right though their implementation is terrible and they should never have went live with it.
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