Thinking of buying a handgun

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I've been considering buying a gun. I'd like to get something big such as a rifle or shotgun but since I travel around for a living a handgun is the only real option. What suggestions do you guys have for a cheap but reliable handgun? Keep in mind that I'm working with a tight budget.


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    You may also consider picking up a snubnose revolver, generally available used for under $300.

    The shotgun idea is a good one if you just need to stash it in your vehicle. Something like a 12 gauge pump. Available for under $300, devastating weapon, and will hold up to the rigors of being behind the seat/in the trunk.
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    Define "cheap".

    You can pick up a used GLOCK 19 for about $425 and you can pick up a used S&W 5906 (or variants) from $300-$350.

    Anything less is going to be a pile of crap.
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    I would suggest a ruger sp101 357.
    Its six shot revolver it always works and you can shoot 38 for practice which aren't too expensive.
    you can also get one that's hammer-less, and snub nosed.
    you can buy them used, but they are hard to find. New they are around 350
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    only 3 handguns worth a damn; I don't recommend anything else

    smith and wesson .41
    SW .52
    cold gold cup .45
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