PSP Vita, anyone getting one?

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Anyone getting one of these, or do you think it will suffer the same fate as previous PSP's?

To be fair, the specs look awesome, and the pricing is WiFi Price at $249 (£230) and PSP Vita 3G+WiFi Price at $299 (£280):D Hopefully it'll get good games as well! for more information

Here's the specs:



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    Meh. I'm bored of the PSP and handheld games in general to be honest. I much prefer sitting at home, with a classic controller in my hand, playing a console game on a widescreen TV. PSP is alright when you're on the move, but even then, I don't think I'd buy one.
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    Pretty much what trx said. Unless I can install some distro of linux and go around cracking wifi passwords and the like, I doubt I'd consider buying one.
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    Ahh, fair enough. The only time I used my PSP was when I went on holiday, and It served as a time waster while on the coach or hotel room.
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