I got arrested for less than a gram...

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of the ganja.

We went to the gas-station, filled up, and I got a black and mild. Light it up before we pull out....about 15 feet passes, and we get pulled over. I said alright, fine, whatever. Put out the black and mild, and put my arm out the window. Cops say my boy's muffler is fucked(which it was, and he got a ticket)

Anyway, I had some bud in my cigarette packet(ill-advised, I know) but I've never had a problem before.

After getting my friend's id, he walks over to my side of the car, which i didn't notice, opens the door and says get out, and let me see your ID. I say 'sure'.

After that they go with the normal line of questioning: got any drugs etc.

I say no, blah blah..he says can you empty your pockets...and I oblige.

I said, cigarettes, wallet, lighter. And put them back.

Then he demannded that I empty my cigarette pack because "he saw weed on my seat"

Now that was a lie. And the search was illegal. So I said no. He proceeded to snatch my cigarette pack..so what do you think...talk to the prosecutor?

If the case doesn't get thrown out, I don't even give a fuck, I'll raise holy hell about this.

I live in NJ btw


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    thats lame, sounds like a crap charge. but you did let him search you the first time, and they will take his word (probable cause) over some dope smokers :o
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    He said he saw weed, and caught you with weed. Not much you can do. You live in New Jersey, weren't you aware that cops in NJ do whatever the fuck they want?
    Hide your weed better, problem solved.
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    I didn't LET him search me--I did it willingly. Not to mention, the only reason for a police officer to frisk you is because they think there is a weapon on you. There was the aroma of a wine black and mild. and he pointed to something on the seat saying "that's weed" to my buddy. That turned out to be a piece of plastic.

    I'm pleading not guilty regardless, I just wanna get some advice.
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    Oh, and they added a paraphernalia charge too(rolling papers). :rolleyes:

    So, if i had a bible with me, would that have been considered paraphernalia?ha
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    My thing is, I know they don't want to have to deal with my ass, and I'm in the right. I'm done with this bullshit.
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    The cop opened your car door and told you to get out? That's not some routine stop.
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    OP read this thread I posted a while back. A "mate" of mine was cautioned for one dried leaf he had between pages of a book.

    Actually, you better read it. It has pics and I had to trawl through BLTC to find it as the search didn't find it.
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    haha new jersey fucking sucks

    what a waste of time

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    Yeah, my options are limited: pay, and go through a year of probation. Or defend myself.

    The biggest thing that got me is, when I said: NO you cannot look at my cigarette packet:, he put me in hand cuffs, and said you're under arrest.

    Fuck that shit.
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    We should all get together and start a pig farm slaughterhouse.
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    skunk wrote: »
    The cop opened your car door and told you to get out? That's not some routine stop.

    Yeah man, straight up. We got 20 feet after pulling after the gas station...I had my black and mild lit for that time. He said it smelled like weed about 5 minutes after that.

    I can be a pussy, and plead guilty, but I'm gonna fight it.

    Justice will be served!
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