useful c++ tutorials?

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The basic sites a guy sees when he googles c++ tutorials... I've already read those and yet cant do shit. I know you need those as basics but... When I look at code of real programs, half that shit isn't in these tuts. Anyone know where I can learn c++ that actually is useful in this century? I literally can make like math shit in the console. I don't even know how to make a window or do any GUI shit because these tutorials are seriously from the 90's and pointless as hell.


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    For C++ UIs check out Microsoft's visual studio. The reason the tutorials don't teach you that stuff is because it isn't a part of the c++ standards and rely on 3rd party toolkits.

    If you want an easier way to create GUI apps, i definitely recommend java, the swing class takes care of all that.

    The Oracle site is the best place to learn java.
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    I like this idea. I used to geek out on Visual Basic as a teenager and never got into C/C++, although it seemed superior in many ways. Thanks :thumbsup: will waste a few hours learning something new as opposed to watching shitty American Dad or Futurama episodes.
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    This is something I'll have to learn sooner or later, so I suppose I should take a look at the Microsoft Visual Studio stuff. I might also have a look around the internet, just in case you missed something :D
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