I Have an Incurable Disease

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Soviet went to the dentist today and discovered that i have an incurable gum disease called Periodontal Disease. It is a bacteria in my gums which causes tooth decay. I am in no pain and haven't been. The mature of my visit was a simple cleaning but became a deep gum cleaning which hurt. I have 4 teeth that must be removed. The dentist told me the disease is incurable and all I can do is manage it which dental hygene. Basically a bacteria will continue do develop in my gums for all of my life. It is a hereditary disease but forensic have to be. It can be caused simply by having bad hygene. Two of my uncles on my mother's side had it so I'm going to blame them. This disease can be passed to others if they don't have good dental hygene. So..... BRUSH YOUR MOTHER FUCKING TEETH.

On a lighter note, my teeth look a hell of a lot better than they have in years.


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    I have hangover mouth and your post scared the shit out of me. I'm off to use some Aquafresh and Listerine, good Sir :( also never heard of a hereditary gum disease.
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    Well either way I flossed.

    *feels better about oral hygiene*
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    My guess is they want you to think you have some horrible problem so they can constantly charge you up the ass for all kinds of fancy procedures. Did you get a prescription antimicrobial mouthrinse? Prescription oral antibiotics? The bacteria problem can be taken care of.

    I would see another dentist to get a second opinion. Many will do will a cheap exam ($20ish) that includes a consult & xrays.
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    As a mater of fact they did not prescribe me anything for pain or any antibodies. I'm taking antibodies myself from a not very old prescription because they had to cut my gums open to clean the inside of them. They do want me to come back in December to have some teeth removed that I agree definitely need it. Two are half teeth and the other two have deep cavities. Besides that they told me to schedule normal cleanings as any patient would. I don't think they are conspiring to bankrupt me though I do think they charged a lot for my cleaning. Although, they did use an infrared laser to kill all the bacteria. Maybe the cost was only a little overpriced.
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