Diet and recipes for people with shitty gallbladders

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My mom recently found out that her gallbladder is fucked and is probably going to have it reoved. (Protip: you gallbladder produces bile so you can digest food).

This limits the things she can eat hugely. She can't eat: anything fatty, no red meat, pork or fowl, no eggs, no dairy, no citrus, no nuts or legumes, no caffeine or alcohol, no spicy food, no cabbage or cauliflower, no tap water, fruit juice or sodas, no gluten. (note: if she eats a little of these things it's not going to kill her, it just hurts a lot cause she can't digest shit).

It sucks cause she fucking loves food and she can't eat fucking anything now. The only thing she can drink is bottled watter.

Last night I made her pasta with a small splash of canola oil, the herbs you'd usually find in a spaghetti sauce, carrotscelleryonions, diced tomatoes and scallops. It didn't make her stomach hurt but it deffinetely wasn't the most flavorful dish in the world, but I was at a loss as to what to add. It was begging for a cream sauce, but she can't have dairy. I was gonna add chilli flakes but she can't have spicy.

Tonight and tomorrow I wanna make her really nice meals so she's not all depressed about the fact that food's gonna suck for her from now on. Ideas. Help. Please.


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