Analyse This: My Hatred of Retards

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I have made it perfectly clear several times here and it is true that I have a hatred for retards. Specifically people with Down's Syndrome. I've never had a particularly nasty experience with any of these creatures but my intoleration still exists. It began when I was very young and realized that people who are retarded are often so because of the lack of or addition of a chromosome. The way that we scientifically categorize creatures is by how many chromosomes they have. That being said retards are not actually human. Not technically. Why someone would want to bring one of these things into the world is beyond me. The only reason I could think of would be to keep it as a very expensive and annoying yet sometimes funny pet.

When I was in high-school there was one particular retard whom everyday would shit in the male restroom of the gymnasium. It would then take its feces and smear it all over the walls and mirrors and even the ceiling, truly acting like the animal it was. It, like many of its kind, could barely make legible words and never had any idea how to act in any social setting. Everyday at lunch I would watch the retard table in disgust as they all ate their food with difficulty or instead smeared it on their table or each other. I would get angry and have to turn away in disgust.

It is my personal opinion that these things should not be allowed to live. They bring absolutely nothing to society's table but a massive burden on our resources and pocketbooks. I understand that many of you would argue that they bring humor in the form of the special Olympics but honestly this takes away from the pride that a sound minded individual in a wheelchair should feel when he is standing next to a feeble brained would-be human who is holding the same gold medal. How dare we even compare the two?!

I would propose killing them upon discovery before birth by abortion. I would also suggest a retard hunting season or better yet a bounty for every head turned in. I would also like to point out that if you birth one of these monstrosities a good way to be sure is checking their hand. If they have only one prominent line like in the picture below (see spoiler) then you should do what you can to ensure it a short lived life.

Is it really so terribly wrong for me to feel this way about a creature who tries so hard to pretend to be human? Are we just so stupid that we have to succumb to the irrational pity of them and allow them to suck the very life and money from us all? Am I just a terrible asshole who is going to hell if it exists, or am I on to something here?

Tell me what you think. I understand if you think I'm a monster for these opinions but understand that I only feel this way about subhumans who attempt to be human and shit all over our societies. I don't hate anything or anyone else as far as race, gender, religion or sexual preference is concerned. Just retards.


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    Ya retatrds are retarded.
  • RemadERemadE Global Moderator
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    As someone who you no doubt knows has an incurable illness, I sometimes feel a burden on Society. However, at least I can fully function 9 days out of 10, and contribute to Society (taxes, interaction etc). I have a few friends who have downs Syndrome relatives who even they wish Euthanasia existed. It's quite stark to hear them say it, but after working with Disabled kids for 6 months and getting a humbling feeling from it - I couldn't help but come to the same conclusion.

    Now it's not all Economic. Sure, they get benefits and constant attention because they are physically and mentally disabled, but as for their own quality of life? Well it's subjective. I'm all for population control (I'd rather adopt than have a child) and so this is why to an extent, I agree with MissingMuse. If anything while working at the school with those kids, I kept getting images of lining them up by a ditch and systematically executing them just to save their drug-addicted parents the hassle of having a lifelong burden, and other people from having to put up with them.

    Yes, I am in a cruel mood.
  • StephenPBarrettStephenPBarrett Adviser
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    Yes the burden on parents and teachers is another good point. That is a productive life now easted on caring for a creature that can't even feel the proper gratitude for the sacrifice. RemadE you are a brave man to put up with these creatures everyday. I respect your work in keeping them away from the human children. In my opinion if we won't kill them there should at least be separate "schools" for the retards. Like the Chernobyl Children's Hospital when Russia keeps its unfortunate mutants.
  • OsirisOsiris Acolyte
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    They already have separate classes for these kids, and separate schools for severe cases. That doesn't even matter though, public school is a fucking joke. I spent my entire time in grade school waiting for the majority of my class to catch up with me. These kids were average, not retarded, but its about the same really.

    Everything you have written is a projection upon a silent demographic. This an even more obvious observation because you say it started when you were young. You associated retards with negative feelings, Your young mind is not capable of being objective, you were easily controlled by your emotions and very inexperienced. You even said yourself you had not met many retards but you still feel you have enough information to make a accurate judgement? No, retards are fulfilling your need for hatred and disgust, they fill the role well considering you have never met or talked with one, just faceless bodies that you can fill with bad feelings.

    You can't define purpose for anyone else but yourself. What you wrote is a mental retrograde serving your emotional needs and I think you should spends some time with mentally challenged people. Just the audacity to suggest that retards only purpose is to amuse us "real" people makes me laugh. If we were so developed we could find something better to laugh at than retards, dicks, and farts. You are foolish for thinking yourself better than anyone.

    What I'm writing is not a personal attack at you and I think you should spend some time with retards. I think totse would be much better off without all this dumbass eugenics bullshit, can't you see the damage you do to your mind when you generalize people just to be hateful towards them?
  • Darth BeaverDarth Beaver Meine Ehre heißt Treue
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    I have a sister with cerebral palsey. She is 52 in 6 months. She has the capabilities of a 6 month old child. I love her dearly. Knowing her is part of what made me who I am. Every creature born is born for a reason. For us to suppose we know what that reason is and override the wisdom of the universe is more retarded than my sister.
  • SlartibartfastSlartibartfast Global Moderator -__-
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    I'm really failing to see your argument here, MissingMuse. TBO i find it a little disturbing.

    Retards are disabled people. It's not like the have a choice in the matter. Your main problem seems to be how they act.
    Which is totally unfair, as it's completely involuntary.

    Maybe there's something in you psyche that makes you less able to emphasis with the disadvantaged.
  • fagfag Regular
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    I went to school with a kid that had Down Syndrome. He ended up working at a grocery store. Every time we talk, he asks me a barrage of personal questions. Always ones I've answered, at that.

    I also saw him driving around the other day. As in, he was the sole occupant in a moving motor vehicle, seated behind the operating interfaces. Can't feel safe nowhere.
  • StephenPBarrettStephenPBarrett Adviser
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    I know my hatred for them is outlandishly horrible and unnecessary. Honestly it is the only thing i feel any ounce of hatred about. That is why I made this thread, to have you guys analyse it. Thus the title of the thread and the placement in Mind & Body under the prefix of mind.

    Osiris: you are more then probably right about what you have said. All of it. It definitely seems to be an issue. As far as it being something that totse would be better off without I can agree to that however this Is a place where members should feel comfortable discussing what they can't in any other setting. I posted this thread sort of as a cry for help because I don't like having hatred for anything. I consider that harboring hatred is very unhealthy. I was hoping to get either some sort of validation or insight to help me overcome my hatred. You suggestions are top notch and I will use them.

    Slartibartfast: Maybe you are right about something In my psyche making me unable to have empathy for them. This would make sense because of another issue I have which has been brought to my attention by those closest to me. I think it was becoming apparent because even Dfg (not that one closest) seems privy to It. However since the content of my op in this thread is something that "totse would be much better off without" I don't feel comfortable sharing it with anyone, totse or otherwise. I will pursue this however within my own means. If two people mention something so similar it must be a problem.

    Thank-you both and thank-you other members for putting your two cents in.
  • SpinsterSpinster Regular
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    I use to hate retards too, but when I got to know them I grew to understand them.

    alot of retards are just like you or I in their head (as in thoughts and feelings). they are let down by how they control their body. imagine it like driving a car with no steering wheel. if you get what I mean
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