The King Of Harp

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    What the uploader of that video didn't know is that is actually Sonny Boy Williamson II (born Alex Miller, possibly December 5, 1912– May 25, 1965). Sonny Boy Williamson or Sonny Boy Williamson I (born John Lee Curtis Williamson, March 30, 1914 – June 1, 1948) was also a blues harmonica (or harp if you prefer) player. The two are often confused by novice blue aficionados as there styles were quite similar. The reason I am certain that this is SBW II and not SBW I as the uploader mislabeled his video is that SBW I never recorded the Song Bye Bye Bird much less performed it on a television broadcast as he died in 1948. That and this video is from 1963 two years before SWB II death and 15 years after SWB I's death. In either event this is a great performance by a blues legend and I throughout enjoy the "harp" work of both SWB I and SWB II.

    Below is recording of Sonny Boy Williamson I.
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