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So everyone knows NY is impressive even if you havent been there you know it ...and since our dollars are practically worth the same I've decided to go see what all the fuss is about ... I've been to the other great city's London, Tokyo and Paris. It will be interesting to compare .... So the reason for this thread is to get some info on the city that won't be in tourist guides .. The stuff locals and regular visitors only know ... Great places to eat, drink and the like


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    Check out the Tavern on Jane in Greenwich Village.
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    Im going to USA for a few months early next year but I have a few connections over there already. I'm mostly going for snowboarding which is why im hitting up canada as well.

    And of course my flight there goes through vegas.

    Are you going to just NY or a few cities?

    The cost of the flights is one of the biggest so do as much as you can while you're over there. I think that the VWP gives you 90 days.

    Really though it is worth visting the touristy stuff; see the statue, ground zero, empire state tower. The stuff isnt popular because its not interesting and fun - people seem to have a real stigma about doing tourist stuff when they're there as a tourist... I dont get it.

    I have some friends living in williamsburg and they're telling me its cool there and i'll visit and i'll be doing local stuff then but im still a tourist - you get some assholes who spend 2 weeks in a city and start talking like they've been there for years and know what its all about.
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    Oh for sure I'm gonna do the tourist stuff .. But I plan on staying for at least a month .. So I wanna get the most out of the experience .. I never plan my trips ... I mean when I went to Tokyo I just booked my first week and then let my journey take me where ever ... I ended up in Osaka and missed my flight back and just stayed for longer .. I always go places with way more money than I need so I can do stuff like this .... My mate that went with me actually flew to Korea for 5 days so he could stay another 90 days ... So if I get bored of NY I'll just get on a bus and go somewhere else but I wanna know about the 'secret' places that I would otherwise miss if I kept on the tourist guide side of things ...
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