What would you do if you were in complete controll of your country?

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Say that you got elected to be a super president or some shit and you can pass laws left and right without them having to be approved, invade any country you want, etc what would you do?

1. I would make abortion illegal in all states.

2. Start the space program back up.

3. I would make all drugs legal, but they would have to be grown and processed in the U.S. and they would be heavily taxed. I think if somebody wants to smoke crack that's their choice, the tax money will be used to help fund education and the space program.

4. Pull our troops out of the middle east and stop donating money to other countries. All the money saved would be used to improve the U.S.


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    That would almost certainly alienate you in the world economy. Say goodbye to oil, electronics, weapons, etc etc etc.
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    • A scientific schedule of drugs as opposed to the moral-based one we have currently. This includes Alcohol and Cigarettes, combined with an "if you want to do it then the option is there, but it's your life and risk" attitude. Also listen to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs with regards to new drugs. (Research Chems etc), and replace the current "Talk to FRANK" service with one similar to Erowid.
    • Less military presence in other Nations than my own, as well as less donations to win hearts and minds in said Nations.
    • Investing money from Defence into Space exploration.
    • Decreasing University fees as I believe all knowledge should be free or at least a lot cheaper.
    • Changing the social stigma associated with Apprenticeships as people learn in different ways.
    • Life in prison should mean life, but the Appeal system should be accessible more easily in case of false imprisonment (exceptional cases).
    • Disbanding of Corporations who have a grip on Parliament via Lobbyists and bribes. Keep them under control.
    • If a Company is founded in the UK, they will pay UK taxes regardless of where they relocate or outsource to.
    • More referendums, with days set aside to not affect work or studies of those voting.
    • Withdraw from the European Union, but maintain a friendly relation. Us brits are a hybrid fuckup when it comes to putting our left leg in and then taking it out. No Euro, but we are in the EU. Eh? Plus it costs a fuckton to remain in this circle-jerk.
    • Endorsement of Stem Cell research.
    • Warnings on TV that it can and will damage your mental health - especially in the case of MTV and other channels where all they do nowadays is broadcast shit.

    The list could go on and on...
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