Red Faction

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anyone here play or has played Red Faction? I just got back into the first one after years of not playing.

It has great game play and good graphics for its era.:thumbsup:


  • kfc v lotkfc v lot Regular
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    Haha if only I could I tried to download it the other day and the ISO just wouldn't play ball...
    All I can remember is blowing my way through the walls also the guys yelling red faction and trying to take out guards with a shock maul..
  • SpinsterSpinster Regular
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    Yeh its a really great game for its time. the story mode is awesome but online is even better. GEO-MOD when your online opens up a new level of online game play, like you can tunnel a hole in a wall and camp etc. you can make shortcuts too and destroy your opponents base. if you go online you will need to download this patch.

    sometimes you need the patch to be able to make the game work on windows7
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