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Thanks to TV shows like Game of Thrones, Incest is quite mainstream. This thread like all my previous threads should not be taken seriously, from time to time I venture into the world of darkness and share stuff. I am extremely open minded when it comes to Taboo related material. Incest, wincest or other bits don't bother me. I like to keep it that way. So, before reading this, have an open mind and do not accuse me of being a pervert.
Be Advised, everything in this thread is fictional at best.

How to get your sister?
Simple question, you know you want to get down with her but how do you do it. Well, most people would suggest looking for signs, leaving the door open while changing, wearing sleazy clothes, having extended physical contact and even spending time in your room or watching you do stuff.
Okay, let's first think about consequences and then we'll talk about actions. I imagine you don't want: to freak her out, have your parents find out, get sent to a psychologist by said parents, or want friends and relatives to find out. It's not just embarrassing, it can ruin you for a couple years.
What you do want is probably: sexy time with sister (hey, I get it, trust me) and a nice secret that only the two of you can share. This is a wonderful thing and I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world.

Questions: Are you in love with her, or in lust with her?
I know you love your sister, you want to bonk her. But do you want a relationship, or just the sexy time? Do you want to continue having sexy time with other girls? Has anything ever happened between you two in the past? What kind of proximity do you usually have around her? Are you both touchy-feely with each other now, or do the two of you never touch?

Don't go in her room while she's changing and start groping her and trying to make out with her. Sorry if that sounds dumb, but that was what came to mind when I read your "make a move" line. There isn't really a move here that isn't going to end poorly unless there is a build up of some kind. I'm not saying that just walking in while she's changing and maybe striking up some conversation is a bad idea to test the water, but even if she wants you too she might be startled by this.

A better way to go might be to sit her down for a private discussion. Build her up to the idea that you find her sexually attractive. Tell her you know that it might sound odd, and even if she doesn't reciprocate the attraction, you would appreciate it if she could keep it between the two of you.

If you are afraid of that kind of confrontation/discussion, try to make things happen more naturally. Like any other girl in the world you want to have sex with, spend more time with her, pay attention to her interests, go where she goes (she has to know you're there, stalking your sister doesn't count), and up the physical contact. The last one might be a slow-going thing depending on how physical you are with her now.

Before we go on, Incest can be fun: NSFW

The above quote gives you an idea where to start, the guy who wrote it basically slept with his sister, so he knows what he is talking about but that doesn't mean what he mentions would work for you. I should keep in mind one more thing, The rules of the game don't change just because you are related. You heard it right, if you're trying to hook up with your first cousin or anyone closely related, it would help if you try the same techinques that would usually work on other girls that you're dating. Sure, you will have to becareful when you're trying with a family member.

Look, I am not expert but I am sure in this game there has to be a buildup. You must check for the signs, you must work on your chemistry before anything happens, it's common sense. Your chances of getting deep increase if you're already closely or if the intended party diggs you in a sexual manner. Girls in the growing age are more inclined to fall into temptation. This is quite true if you check Stickam type websites.

Playing Games:
In most of the stories I have write, the couple usually has a common connection, in most cases it's something they did in the childhood. Ever rememeber playing House or Fort or any other games in which you basically roleplay. Girls love doing that stuff and when you're young you actually like playing the dad. In the good old days the interaction was pure but thanks to the rapid increase sexual information, the kids of today are more likely to be doing the real thing. But the point is playing games.

Here is a sample story:
My sister and I had a few encounters when we were younger, mostly in a “fort” we had in the woods behind the neighborhood. There were a couple of neighbor kids involved too. But I really don’t want to focus on any of those stories because while it certainly had an effect on me, telling the stories now seems odd talking about child sexuality.

Things really didn’t start happening until high school. My bedroom was in the basement of our house. My sister was pretty much always down in my room with me because I had the bigger room, a nicer TV setup than our living room, and because it was cooler down there in the summer. Often times she would fall asleep watching a movie or television. I had a big enough bed, so it was never a big deal.
I don’t know if I would say there was ever a time when I didn’t think about my sister sexually that I can remember. I think a lot of that came from the times we messed around as kids. But it’s not like I had realistically considered making the move on my sister anymore. She was always in my fantasies, but I knew where to draw that line.

So, the occasional falling asleep in my room (fully-clothed I should mention), eventually turned into a nightly thing. When it became more frequent, she would actually go upstairs to get ready for bed, put on pajamas (like a t-shirt and long flannel pj bottoms), and then come back down and settle in. I would always sleep in a t-shirt and boxers. We had a little routine going for quite a while. We both enjoyed it. We never really discussed the situation like it was odd. My mother (father left when we were really little) always knew where my sister was sleeping. None of us saw it as weird or odd.

As you do when you are sleeping in a bed with someone, we would kind of cuddle and spoon. I would usually sleep with my arm around her. There were a few awkward touches here and there, but usually non-intentional and very briefly.
I hated sleeping in a t-shirt. I would always fidget around with it and find it difficult to be comfortable wearing one while sleeping. One night, my sister came back to my room after getting ready for bed and I wasn’t wearing my shirt, just my boxers. She started giving me shit about how if she had to wear pajamas, even in the summer, then I had to wear a t-shirt. I just told her she didn’t have to wear anything she didn’t want. We both made little jokes about it, and I think it was the first time that either of us thought it might be weird that she was now sleeping in my bed every night.

But, despite the jokes, she went ahead and took off her pajama pants and got into bed. Now for the sake of time, let’s just say that this continued on like this for months.
The reason I don’t think this makes a good “story” per se, is that the first time something happened between us, neither of us really said anything. There wasn’t any discussion that led up to it. Neither of us found the other masturbating, or in the shower. We just slept in the same bed together. We were extremely comfortable with each others’ bodies.

One night before getting into bed, when my sister took off her pj bottoms, she looked over at me and proceeded to take off her t-shirt. She just got into bed like normal. Neither of us commented on this new change. But I certainly felt nervous and excited and confused all at once. We watched television until we fell asleep.

Some time in the middle of the night, with my arm around her, I woke up and by her breathing I could tell that she was awake too. I began running my hand over her body, starting with her stomach in case I was getting the wrong vibe. Then I moved on to massaging her breasts, and she turned over to give me better access. We started making out like crazy. She took my boxers off and started giving me a handjob which turned into a blowjob. After I got off, I went down on her until she climaxed with my head and hand in-between her legs.

I could be more detailed about the sexy time stuff, but I’m leaving that for the longer-form writing. We didn’t have sex until college. But this just became part of our nightly routine. It wasn’t every single night, but just about. We both tried dating other people here and there throughout high school, but it never lasted long because we didn’t want to get intimate with anyone else. It was always more for appearances (kind of like a ‘beard’ for a gay person).

After the first time messing around, we talked about it the next day. We had both been thinking about each other sexually for quite a while at that point. She said it was the main reason she liked sleeping in my room, but she was happy that I hadn’t made the first move because she wanted to be sure before it happened. We discussed whether or not we should have sex. Through some sort of teenage logic, we had decided that was going too far, but what we had done so far would be alright. Having discussed it with her in later years, just like me she also wanted to have sex, but again wanted to make sure she was ready to make that move with me.
Though there was one time that we almost/kind of had sex because we weren’t really in control of our emotions.

I am a year older than my sister. So, when I was 18 and starting college, she was still in high school. I went to a community college to save money and because I was waiting to see where my sister was going to get accepted (I really wanted to share a dorm room with her for obvious reasons). Anyway, she went to her prom with a friend of one of my friends. Needless to say, he didn’t try anything with her because he was too afraid of what I was going to do if I found out (through our mutual friend).
She came home fairly early as prom dates usually go. And she was kind of bummed out, I could tell. She went and washed off her makeup and took all those bobby pins out of her hair. She came downstairs still in her dress, her hair really curly from being up all night, and damn she looked good. At first she was moping around my room, f’ing around on my computer. I asked her what was wrong. She was having doubts about our ‘no sex’ agreement, and was bummed because a bunch of her friends were going to hotel parties and she just came home. She thought they were all going to be having sex. I told her that most of them would probably just end up getting way too drunk and not having sex (which is what most of my friends complained about in the days after I went to prom).

She came and sat next to me and I put my head on her lap. She liked when I did that because she could play with my hair (it was longer then it is now). We talked for a while and she finally snapped out of her pity-party she was having. And the next part, I will never forget as the images are burned in my brain.

She stands up, loosens those little strappy-things on the side of the dress that make it tighter (I have no idea what they’re called), she already had me undo the back so that she could sit on the bed comfortably, and then she grabs the opposite shoulder straps of the dress and takes it off in one fluid motion. She had those fancy garter belt panties on that held up her stockings. Damn. She had on all white lace underwear and the garter belt thing. Well, let’s just say that I have often recalled that moment for later use.

She got back in bed practically attacking me and we started going about our usual routine activities. But she had a fire in her belly or something because once she got me going, she asked if I had a condom. I was 18 and wasn’t having sex with anyone, so of course I had a condom in my computer desk right next to my bed. She reached over and got one out, took off the wrapper and put it on me. Now, my mind was racing at this point. I may have even had one of those ‘good angel/bad angel’ moments. I know we said we wouldn’t have sex, but I really really wanted to have sex.

I don’t want to get too graphic with these stories here (unless that is something you guys/gals want to hear), but for this I will for just a moment.
She had her previously mentioned panties on the floor well before now. She is straddled on top of me. The condom is on. I’m laying back, grinning from ear to ear. And she starts grinding back and forth on my mini-me, though I am still not insider her at this point. She kind of leans back and starts playing with the boys, which drives me wild (and she knew it). Then she positioned herself so that all she had to do was slide back onto me, which she starts to do.
Now, I know some of you are going to say that if tab ‘P’ enters slot ‘V’ then that is sex and I’m a big fat liar for saying we didn’t have sex until college. And while technically I was in college at this point, I did mean that we didn’t really have all-out sex until she was also in college. Whatever, back to the story.

So, she slides back until I am all the way inside of her (which was amazing), and I had two concerns run through my head: (1) Try not to nut in under 20 seconds, and (2) Goddamnit! Why do I have to be the responsible one here? So, we made out about as passionately as we have since the first night, but with me inside her. We didn’t start going at per se, she was still just grinding - little motions with her hips, forwards and backwards.
Like an idiot, I broke off the kiss, told her how much I loved her, and asked her to really think about this before we continued. Just a note for the guys; this is what you say if you really want to shut your girl down in a hurry. She hops off me, and puts her head on my chest. This was a good sign because it meant that she wasn’t really mad at me, just disappointed that I rained on her parade. Her awesome lace-panty, sexy time parade. Idiot.

Here is another story which I am sure will interest you:
I think I figured out I like BBWs because my mom is one and I used to sneak in and do what I could to her while she was deep asleep. Back when I was about 14 I would sneek into her room while she was deep asleep. She snores pretty loud so it was easy to tell when she was out. I would lightly walk in monitoring the snores. What I would usually do is play with her nipples. I noticed the slight imprint of her nipples on her nightgown. I started to rub them very lightly so I would not stir her awake. Her nipples were still really receptive to my touch and would get nice and hard, full of rigid wrinkles. When I was feeling bold I would lean over and mouth her nipples thru the nightgown and this would get me so hard. I don't think I have been as hard since doing that. At times she would be laying a certain way and I could reach my hand under her nightgown to play with her nipples. This would get me really worked up as it was more risky since I would have to pull my hand out of her shirt if she started to wake. Other than that on hot nights where she would just lay in her nightgown with no covers I would lift up her gown and look at her pussy, well at least what I could see. Since she is a BBW and has nice plump legs it was tough to see her pussy. I could usually see her fupa and the nice fine dark hair. I would try putting a finger in and would only be able to touch the top of her pussy. I tried once to get my face in to see if I could smell it and sometimes I was in luck but not often. Sometimes I could also stick my face in her fat ass and try to smell / lick her from that side. I used to sniff her panties all the time, wear them around, and even put any lose pussy hair I found in them into my mouth while I masturbate thinking about those nights. All this quickly came to an end when someone got caught... my older brother. I guess he was doing similar things while she slept but was not as slick. I am thankful he got caught because I know if he didn't then I would have kept going until I had. I have one other mom story but I figure ill just post this for now.

Moving on, the point is, back in the day it wasn't that much of a deal, as this comment shows:
My great grandparents on my fathers side was first cousins. They had 12 children with my grandmother being the youngest, her sister 32 when she was born, they obviously was happy together. I kinda freaked when I found out because I was 19. My friends and I was giving my grandmother a lift to her sisters daughters house. I asked how is it that her sisters daughter is two years older than her and out came my grandmother with the whole family history, in front of my friends. Don't know why I just shared that information, probably to say that it's not so bad and if you where born 100 years earlier it was not such a big deal that it's today

The point is, things like these happen all the time, it's the society fault for labeling things in a more negative manner. Take Game of Thrones for example, they kept their bloodline intact by trying the incest route, they didn't find it wrong, for them it was the obvious choice to make.

Another fun fact: first-cousin marriage is 100% legal in the state of NY. It may seem gross to some, but I personally wouldn't worry about it too much.

Well, there is more to this subject, but most people learn by reading stuff. Here is another story but it's more perked up.
Well, as I said before, we were in bed watching television. She had got into my bed like so many nights before, only this time she had removed her shirt. Perhaps I should also specify that like most girls she doesn’t wear a bra to bed. So when she took her top off, all she had on were a pair of blue cotton panties. We were both nervous as all hell; probably because we both kinda knew what was up now. It’s really weird to have feelings for a sibling like that because you don’t know if they feel the same way. I knew that she knew on some level that I was attracted to her. We had been sharing a bed for months and she had brushed past or bumped into her fair share of boners in that time. I wasn’t sure if she was just being nice and not saying anything about it.

We were watching television, and trying to act like it was perfectly normal that her tits were out, I put my arm around her like I always did when we were watching television in bed. I always made sure to keep my hand on her stomach. Sometimes she liked it when I rubbed her stomach before bed, but with me being completely obtuse and all, I didn’t take this as a sign. I’m sure at this point she must have noticed the raging hard-on I was sporting because I was basically spooning with her.

We both dozed off, and my TV turned off (this was a common occurrence, so I have a timer set on my TV). I woke some time later in the night and it was dark except for a small amount of moonlight coming in through my window and the light from my giant blue alarm clock which bathed everything in an indigo tint. I still had my hand on her stomach, and I laid there for a moment just listening to my sister’s breathing. It was too shallow for her to still be sleeping.

I began to rub her stomach in circles, and it must’ve startled her that I was awake because she held her breath for a second. And then she let out the air and resumed her shallow breathing. I slowly moved my circles from her abdomen up onto her ribs. On every other circle, I would allow my thumb to sort of brush under the edge of her breasts - a little more each time. I did this maybe four or five times, knowing she was wide awake now, neither of saying anything until:
“C, are you awake?” I asked her (her name does start with a ‘C’ and that is what I call her in private, but for the sake of these stories, we’ll call her Claire).
“Uh-huh,” she replied in a nervous, airy whisper. I stopped the circles, and moved my hand to the middle of her chest, right in between her boobs. She gave me no signs to back off or stop, so I tested the waters. I started by massaging her chest gently. As the massage moved to the edge of her chest I made one last circle, this time with my fingers around her right boob, ending with me cupping it in my hand. We stayed in that position for a moment, and my mind was racing, hand-on raging. Finally, she turned over on her back to give me better access.

I could see her face, blue against the light from my clock, looking up at me. I grabbed her boob more firmly now, strategically placing her now hard nipple between two of my fingers to stimulate it further. I moved in toward her face and touched my lips to hers. It was one of those perfect kisses where your lips are open, but there’s no tongue yet and your lips just sort of lock together just right. After that kiss I backed up just enough so that she could see me in the dark room.

“Are you sure about this, C?” I asked her.
“Mmm-hmm.” she replied in a still nervous but now somewhat playful tone.
I moved my mouth back to her mouth and we began kissing passionately. Forget all that perfect kiss nonsense, we were exploring each other now. She played with my tongue, licked the edge of my teeth, and gently bit my tongue (as I find out, my sister is very playful in bed).

As we were making out, my sister’s hand found its way down to my boxers. Too eager at first to bother removing them, she reached in through the hole in the front and grabbed my dick. This sent a tingle through my entire body and I’m lucky I did cum right then and there. The feeling, nay, the idea that my sister had my cock in her hand was blowing my mind. I was a happy boy.
(Now I’m not going to get into penis length here - sorry ladies. I will say that I’m not huge, I know this, but it’s not small either. Also, I will say that I am cut. I figure as long as Claire continues to want me, it must be the right shape and size.)

She pulled my dick out of my boxers and exposed it to the world, and suddenly there was no going back for me. We were doing this. She started slow, kind of feeling the different contours of my manhood. She moved her hand up to the head, and touched the tip with her pointer finger, getting precum all over said finger. Discovering how much precum was there, she brushed the rest of her fingers over the tip transferring most of the precum to her fingers. She used it as lube on her downward stroke - this time a little faster.

Still slick, she stroked me up and down - gently in some spots - and kung-fu gripping me in others. She didn’t want me to cum though, so she kept it playful yet stimulating. She moved her hands down to my balls and played with them. Well, as she would eventually find out, this really gets me going.

This whole time, we were still kissing and breathing heavy. Excited by her amazing technique on my balls, I broke my kiss with her and moved to her neck. I licked and sucked very carefully, not wanting to leave any marks. My tongue down to her chest, now bending slightly to accommodate her grip on my shaft. I brought back the circles, this time closing in on her areola with my tongue. I traced the edge of her pink (though admittedly still blue in this light) areola with my tongue, flicking it occasionally at her nipple. Her nipple was erect I felt fantastic. She would gasp a little every time I flicked it with my tongue and I was very much enjoying this little tease I had going on.
But I eventually gave into her desire and sucked in her nipple and a good portion of her tit. I now applied continuous pressure to her nipple, pressing it against the roof of my mouth with my tongue. Well, this must have pressed a button in her because she pulled my head back up to her face, kissing me with renewed passion, and then pushed me side-over onto my back.

Now, she mimicked my voyage downward. She licked a path down my chest, spent some time at my nipples, and then followed my ‘happy trail’ of hair on down my abs. She looked up at me the whole time, teasing me with her eyes, tempting me with her eyes. If there was a point at which I was in control, it was far from gone now.

She yanked my boxers off in two easy tugs. She wasn’t playing around now. My cock sprung upward, and again she wrapped her fingers around the base. She took a moment to study my manhood. She took out her tongue and ran it along the bottom of my dick from the base up to the tip. For a the second time, I was concerned that I was going to cum and put an everything.
Reversing her path, she opened her mouth and guided my cock in, past her lips, into heaven. She released my cock from her hand, as she no longer needed the extra support. She slipped one hand down and cupped my balls, massaging them gently. She worked my cock licking it inside her mouth. It was beyond my comprehension that my dick was in my little sister’s sweet mouth.

Claire increased the speed of her mouth on my cock. She was bobbing her head up and down frantically now, yet staying on rhythm with my now bucking hips. With each movement of her head downward onto my manhood, it felt as if she were sucking my entire body up to her mouth directly through my most sensitive nerve-endings. I felt my balls starting to tighten along with the muscles along the shaft of my dick. I could feel the cum rising. I was nearing my inevitable release.

“C, I’m gonna cum,” I warned her.
“Mmm-hmmm,” she managed to get out, her mouth still quite full with my cock.
“No, C, I mean it! I’m about to cum, goddamn it!” I said, still with a warning tone. For a split-second, she released my cock from the vacuum seal of her lips.
“Cum in my mouth,” she said, “I want all of you.”

And that was all I needed. She kept her eyes locked on mine now. She stopped bobbing her head because my hips and pelvis were doing all of the work, thrusting into her face. I was face-fucking my little sister, with her full permission to bust my nut down the back of her throat. I had everything I could have wanted for my next five birthdays right here in this bed.

Her tongue never quit. She flicked the head of my cock in the confines behind her lips. And that was it. The cum in my balls couldn’t be held back any further. A torrent of cum shot into my sister’s mouth. I could tell she was still taken a bit by surprise despite my previous warnings. She was probably shocked at the amount and speed at which it was pouring into her waiting throat. But she held her ground. The seal her lips had on my cock was as tight as can be. She got most of the first and second wave down, and she removed her mouth from my cock to come get some air. A few more smaller squirts dribbled out and she squeezed my dick until she had all of it. She slowly moved her mouth back to my cock - sucking up the last drips from the head.

“Holy shit, C,” was all I could say. In fact, I said it another five times; sometimes I changed it up, “Holy hell, C,” “Good goddamn, C,” and so on.
She met my face again and kissed me. And the answer is ‘yes’ - if your sister swallows your cum you still kiss her on the mouth, it’s just good manners. If you get a little of your own semen in your mouth, it was probably worth it.
I picked back up where I left off with her tits, this time giving them equal treatment until both of her nipples could cut glass. I went back to making paths with my tongue, and this time made a straight line down the center of her abdomen. I playfully circled her belly button.
I reached the top of her cotton panties and without lifting my head, looked up at her - mostly for permission, but also to see how turned on she was getting for the first time since she had become playful, she actually got this really serious look on her face. Despite the things she had just done to me, she seemed somewhat nervous again. I waited for a moment at the edge of her panties, and she gave me a tiny little nod.

My stuck my tongue just under the elastic band of her panties, like a scout checking out the new territory ahead. Both of my hands reached for the material covering her hips. I slowly tugged off the panties, half an inch at a time - my tongue staying with the evasive and Southern-moving border of the panties. As my tongue touched the first sign of her neatly-trimmed pubic hair, my sister rolled her head back and closed her eyes.
She had a little ‘landing strip’ for me, the rest waxed smooth. It was perfect. I gave another tug to her panties to get them around her cute bubble of a butt. She helped by arching her back again - this time thrusting her pelvis upward toward my salivating mouth. I slipped her panties down her legs, tracing her curves with my fingers, and off past her feet.

She was completely exposed to me now; my amazing little sister. Her hips were still up, so I grabbed her ass with both hands and held her just high enough off the bed so that my mouth had easy access to sweet mound. It was puffy on the outside. I worked my tongue down the edge of her trimmed-hair line, and onto her muff. At first I ran my tongue over it from bottom to top, like the juicy peach that it was. She let out a another gasp. This time it was as my tongue passed the lips of her pussy, and entered her. On that first lick, I only brushed her clit with my tongue a little. But on the second lick, I managed to take in her juices and wrap the tip of my tongue around her clit. I followed up with my lips and sucked on her clit. At the same time, I inserted two of my fingers inside my sister’s pussy, accessing her g-spot. I used my fingers to massage her insides while my tongue worked her clit.

It went on like this for only a couple of minutes (it felt like) when I felt a hard tug of the hair on the back of my head. No sooner did I look up to see my sister panting and working through a wave of ecstasy, that she shoved my face back down into the warmth and wetness of her pussy. She held my head there and I took in her sweetness. With a few more flicks of the tongue, her hips began to buck. Her bucking was pushing her pussy hard against my lips, and my tongue hard against her clit. Her wetness was dripping down my chin at this point. The bucking slowed to a roll and then a bit of a twitch; the after-effect of her orgasm.

I made the mistake of licking her inner thigh right after she orgasmed and nearly received a knee to the head. I later discovered how sensitive she gets immediately following an orgasm like that.
I came back up to kiss her, juices still on my lips (turnabout is fair play, right?). We kissed much more gently and slowly now - just enjoying each other. She nestled into my chest. I kissed her on her forehead. And saying nothing further, we fell asleep for the first time - flesh against flesh - brother and sister. Damn, I love that girl.

At the end, if you're excited by this or if you fancy someone, I highly suggest thinking about the consequences. It might seem like an awesome idea to bone on out but in reality it can ruin your life and your family. In Countries like Pakistan this is still a forbidden topic, but it still happens, although no one talks about it or even dreams about leaking it.

I could have added more bits and some more stories but I just needed to get something out of my head and now it's on the Internet. Have fun and please USE CONDOMS!


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    Well, got more stuff:
    I think I read it here, where if you're attracted to your mom or something but too scared to show it. Someone suggested sleeping above covers/naked so that your mom is bound to walk by while you're "asleep"

    I was just wondering if anyone has ever tried it and if anything came from it. I think I might try it. It seems like the perfect thing because you don't really have to commit to anything and it's not terribly uncomfortable if it doesn't work out.

    Usually works but there has to be some sexual tension somewhere.
    A couple months ago I started 'letting' myself get caught fapping by my older sister. We're both home alone in the morning (we're both in our 20s, still live at home), and there's nothing like a good morning fap. We were never very talkative with each other unless it was about tv shows or other normal things, (never even talked to each other about relationship advice or anything like that) but now that she's walked in on me a few times, we're pretty open with each other. We've had conversations about good porn sites, and actually started to share good video links with each other.

    I'm hoping it goes a little further... maybe we'll start watching porn together when our parents are gone, and go from there.

    That's a good start and would normally open things up.

    GSA: Genetic sexual attraction (GSA) is a term that describes the phenomenon of sexual attraction between close relatives, such as siblings, first and second cousins or a parent and offspring, who first meet as adults

    A question popped up, why do most of us get off to Incest?
    Well, it's because of the taboo nature of it and it has to do with your past or something related to your past. Also, Because you've jacked off to every other thing in existence.
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    my dad and I had a sexual relationship from the time I was 14 until my senior year of high school. He started about six months after my mom died. He would come into my room while I slept and masturbate. When I would wake up he was usually so into it that he wouldnt notice and I would always pretend that I was sleeping again immediately. I remember being disgusted and confused but morbidly intrigued at the same time so I would start waiting for him and just pretend to fall asleep until he came in. Then I started sleeping naked. When he finally touched my boob I couldnt hide my surprise by pretending to go back asleep but I didnt stop him either. He just fondled me while he stroked his dick and we looked at each other awkwardly. The next night he took my hand and jerked himself off with it and from then on things spiraled out of control pretty quickly.

    At first he would just come into my room at night and touch me/ jerk off onto me then he started asking for head and then going down on me. It took almost a year of "night time visits" before anything else happened outside of that and then one day while I was watching TV in my bedroom he came in with his best friend and asked if they could "hang out." Because I was yound and stupid I thought I must have been really awesome if two grown men wanted to hang out with me and before you know it I was giving them both head almost every afternoon after school.

    We had sex for the first time the summer after my sophomore year and it was horrible and painful and I felt really shitty because I knew that what we were doing was wrong- but he was always really good about making me feel good about myself and complimenting me so eventually I just got over it. I liked the attention I was getting and having sex just felt good. It got to the point where I was trying to seduce him that summer by walking around in skimpy outfits and being flirty. It was actually a really fun/ awesome sex-filled few months and we both had a great time. I was having sex with he and his friend both together and one-on-one almost every day through my junior year of high school. It wasnt until his friend would bring HIS friends over and my dad started drinking every night that things got bad. Eventually one of my friends found out and her mom told my aunt and I ended up moving in with her for the second half of my senior year.
    We dont really talk any more and being a sex toy to a bunch of dudes I didnt know my senior year of high school because my dad told me to has definitely made me have some issues regarding what was normal and what wasnt when it comes to relationships, but 90% of my fantasies involve older men and kinky/ forced sex now and whenever I masturbate I usually think of something that happened at that point in my life. At no point before my senior year did I ever feel "abused" - just conflicted because I knew what we were doing was wrong even though I liked doing it. I would actually do all of it all over again just to re-live the sex while it was good. I feel like no one will ever be able to fuck me like my dad did.

    Another story
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    Awh DFG, you make quality threads. It's a shame no one seems to be reading them, though.
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    mashlehash wrote: »
    Awh DFG, you make quality threads. It's a shame no one seems to be reading them, though.
    Doesn't matter if anyone reads them. I always find a way to whore it. :P
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    mashlehash wrote: »
    Awh DFG, you make quality threads. It's a shame no one seems to be reading them, though.

    I have a feeling this thread may get more views than most on this site...

    Though how much they read may depend on their stamina. :p
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