Wisdom tooth extraction

angryonionangryonion Just some guy
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So on the 23third of April I had a wisdom tooth pulled.
My question is how long until this thing stops hurting,I'm running out of opiates:angry:
There is no swelling so I don't think its infected.


  • proudclod9proudclod9 Regular
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    Lidocaine would work better for that...if you can get it. Honestly, I have no idea bud--mine only hurt for a day or two.
  • angryonionangryonion Just some guy
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    Thank you for your reply,I think I had a dry socket thing.
    Fuck if I knew how long the proses was I never would have had the tooth pulled in the first place.
    Now its no big deal but I have One hell of a hole in my mouth.
    Its gets full of food and I hate it,thankfully I have a water pick.
  • SlartibartfastSlartibartfast Global Moderator -__-
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    I had my wisdom teeth pulled out when i had my braces.

    The food thing is annoying but the gum hardens up and expands, it'll feel like normal in about a week.

    I refused to let them dope me up and didn't feel a thing.
  • Darth BeaverDarth Beaver Meine Ehre heißt Treue
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    A dry socket is a nasty thing. It not only can be painful but it can taste and smell awful.
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