Bluetooth headphones are good!!

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I normally don't do product reviews but I recently made a purchase that I feel the need too share.
These things are awesome I paired it with my I-touch and I can listen to music all day all over the shop.
The range is good,much better than advertized and the sound quality is good,not great but its bluetooth so wtf do you expect.
The battery life will get you through most of the work day without a recharge and a full recharge does not take more than an hour or so.
Pairing with my computer was easy as well, now I can blastaway in COD and not disturb my wife while she sleeps in the other room.
All in all this is one of the best purchases I have made in awhile that I really think I got my money's worth out of.


  • DfgDfg Admin
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    Might be the next headphones I buy. I need something that can help me fap in my bed without having to needlessly stretch the damn cable.
  • GoingNowhereGoingNowhere Global Moderator
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    Nice review, if ever I'm looking for bluetooth headphones I'll remember them :) That reminds me, I need to do one of my Superlux headphones. They are seriously good and not well known.
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