Wardriving, Hacking 138 AP's

DfgDfg Admin
edited October 2012 in Tech & Games
So, yesterday while coming back from Uni, I decided to keep my Laptop powered on and fire up inSSID and start tracking any AP's. The 15 minute journey resulted in 138 AP's, some of them weren't even protected. It ranged from Open to WPA2 Enterprise. Anything below Enterprise is hackable. I am thinking of hacking or at least gaining access to most of these routers and change up their DNS entries so they will point to my fake DNS server. It's a mild change and not everyone can notice it. The new DNS server will forward all the DNS requests to my server where I would be able to send them fucked up websites.

But that's too risky, I want to find a way to exploit them all and just see what I could find. I could even turn this around and send them a security report and get in and actually get paid to secure their setup. I could call this Wardriving Sec or something.

But here is the problem. I do have BT5 in VM but I am not sure if it will love my Intel Wireless card. So, I need some really good tools for Windows. I am going to first try breaking into my neighbors WPA2=PSK network and btw not everyone changes the PSK. So, most of the AP's have default passwords, I mean fuck me. Really Trx100 should be helping me with this, since it's pretty much his dept for now but I am open to any team ups :D


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